Tranexamic Acid

I have just been prescribed tranexamic acid - doctor assured me that it's a "no effects/ can only do you good" sort of drug (is there such a thing??), so thought I'd see what anyone else thought and what experiences people have.

all feedback welcomed,
Hegs x


  • It's by no means harmless, Hegs, and you shouldn't take it if you've ever had a blood clot in a vein. But it's usually well-tolerated and the commonest side-effect is nausea.

    It's the most effective tablet treatment we have available for reducing the amount of bleeding in women with heavy periods, but is unlikely to make much difference to period pain.

    Individual responses vary from a spectacular improvement to not much difference. I hope it works for you :o)
  • thanks vrap. Fortunately I am not suffering too much with period pain, but since I had my son 18 months ago I have had a significant increase in blood loss (sorry, bit gross really!) Interestingly the doc told me that it could only help with my high BP/ migraine problems, so I thought it was worth a try.

    I've also got blood tests in for anaemia and thyroid imbalance as I had a few dizzy spells during my last period. Does that sound like the right course of action to you?

    Hegs x
  • Tranexamic acid for high blood pressure and migraine is a new one to me and, apparently, to the British National Formulary, Hegs! But having a full blood count and thyroid function test sounds like a very good course of action.

  • The GP gave me a choice of tablets, hysterectomy or the coil as the problem had been going on for so long. I chose tablets but they gave me two periods a month, not funny :o( I thought an hysterectomy was just a little bit drastic. Whilst watching some carp TV prog heavy periods were talked about and the woman concerned was told to take magnesium capsules, it worked for her so I tried it, my five day can't leave the confines of the house for the first 2 days have turned into two days, the first day fairly heavy but the second day is 'normal' and there are no pains anymore which is great. Don't know what you think Vrap but it certainly worked for me.
  • It didn't seem to make much difference to my blood loss (which is horrendous) but after three months brough me out in a nasty rash and made my legs swell up! Stopped taking it and got back to normal...
  • bobbis was told by her (runner) gynaecologist that it dehydrates you and so to be aware of that when running

    i checked the BNF and could not find any information about that.

    it changed my life when i started taking them
    but i am fed up with it now and i am having an endometrial ablation at the end of this month

    however, that is only an option if you don't want any more children

  • Interesting, EP :o)I wonder what the rationale is? It would be nice to be able to improve even some women's periods with a magnesium supplement.
  • No idea Vrap, I recommended it to a friend and she had the same results as me but then stopped using it and everything went back to the way it was, silly girl. The only thing I have changed is, on the bottle it says take two a day, I take one, decided it would be best to take the minimum amount and then take more if need be.
  • Hmmm.... interesting. I shall see what effect (if any) I get from them. I may also try the magnesium thing although I already take multi-vitamins which include magnesium I think.

    I definitely want more children, so for now I will either have to suffer the heavy periods or hope that the TA does a decent job.

    Thanks for the feedback though - really useful
    Hegs x
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