Low Fat Christmas Pudding

Does anyone have the low fat Christmas pudding recipe that appeared in Runners World last year (2005). I think it was either in October or November and I seemed to have mistakenly thrown out the magazine. That'll teach me to tidy up.

If anyone has that issue and would be willing to email me the recipe I'd be very grateful. I made it last year and it went down a storm with my family so would like to do it again. Cheers


  • Believe it or not, I have been carrying this around in my diary after cutting it out last year - with the intention of making it last Christmas but never getting round to it:

    225g dates
    150ml apple or orange juice
    125g raisins
    125g sultanas
    60g oats
    60g wholemeal flour
    1 large carrot, finely grated
    1 banana, mashed
    1/2 teaspoon each of ground ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon
    2 tablespoons brandy
    150ml skimmed milk

    1. place half the dates and fruit juice in a saucepan abd bring to boil. Turn off heat and leave for 30 mins. Mash with a fork.
    2. Place the remaining ingredients with the date puree in a large bowl and mix well. Add a little extra milk if necessary until you have a soft mixture that falls heavily from the spoon.
    3. Line a 900ml pudding basin with greaseproof paper and a piece of foil. Tie down securely with string. Place the basin in a large saucepan and pour enough boiling water to come halfway up the sides. Bring to the boil, the cover the pan and steam for 4 hours. Check the water level regularly and top up with boiling water when necessary.
    4. Remove the pudding from the pan and allow it to cool before storing in a cool dry place.
    5. Steam the pudding for an hour before serving, the remove the paper and foil and turn it out on a warmed plate.

    My goodness, it's become like the baking hour on here......

    Hope this helps. I may even get round to trying it myself this year.
  • That sounds really yummy - I'll have to print off the thread.
  • 4 hours, plus the preparation, that's half a day!

    I'd rather eat a normal fat one, microwaved in 2mins, then go for a run!
  • Gosh, that sounds terribly worthy!

    I'm with Siance - you can buy such nice ready-made Christmas puds that it isn't worth all the kerfuffle of assembling and steaming them yourself.
  • Yeah but its not as satisfying as knowing you made it yourself. Ideally you are supposed to make it well in advance and then keep it for a couple of weeks for the flavours to develop.
  • Having made loads of Christmas puddings in the past, all I ever felt was relief when they didn't turn into cannonballs during the steaming process. And compliments on how nice they were tended to be followed up with "Have you tried the ones from M&S/Waitrose/Aldi? They're gorgeous!"

    I'm not convinced that making my own Christmas cake is worthwhile either. My kids have requested a "Mont Blanc Googlehump Cake" this year, which has no fruit, no nuts, no spices, no molasses, and no marzipan.
  • Maybe you have to enjoy baking
  • My sister-in-law isn't too keen on Crimbo puds. Fine by me cos she gets sticky toffee pudding in as well to compensate.

    Big yum!
  • Not that keen on the trad ones, I'll eat a bit if forced. I usually get the sticky toffee xmas pud instead. It doesn't have hard bits, currency or small twigs like my mum's used to!
  • I have to make my own xmas pud, that's half the fun! I use my great-grandmother's secret recipe, it is a family tradition - surely that is what xmas is all about? (or is it something about religion, i forget)
    And it tastes nicer than the shop ones (even though i do say so myself)

    And can I just say 'microwave a xmas pud' that's sacrilage that is! :0)
  • Christmas comes but once a year.

    Double helpings for me please!
  • sticky toffee pudding wins hands down
  • Anyone got a recipe for healthy sticky toffee pudding?

  • The above recipe looks pretty sticky yo me - lots of dates like sticky toffee pudding.
  • Tradition?! Sorry Sweetie, chocolate is the true spirit of Christmas.

    And alcohol

    And lay-ins

    And to ease the conscience a nice boxing day run..
  • Thanks very much for the recipe much appreciated.

    It tasted just like an ordinary pudding and you can feel virtuous because it's not as many calories, or make up for the missing calories with alcohol.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Ah, now we get to the truth of it. ;o)
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