When should I apply for a charity place?



  • Heartymac that's awful and having done things for charities in the past I know how hard it can be (also been in a charity that wants money so seen both sides!)The charity I have contacted have helped friends but I have also worked with them on a professional level. I'm in healthcare myself (as are my husband and son) and the charity is important in a lot of the sports I am involved in so fingers crossed (and I do have a lot of avenues to explore as I am well aware that I have done family and friends to death!!)Nothing in this life is easy is it?!
  • If a charity gives a place to someone who actually cares, they'll tend to get more money back. If you don't care, why bother raising more than the minimum? So the charity does lose out.

    As a sponsor, I'd feel really cheated to find out that when my runner said they were doing it to raise money for charity, (s)he actually meant (s)he wanted me to buy him a place in the race.

    It's all very morally dubious.
  • Thats what I was saying though FB, my husband did support and believe in "HtA" and their goals but it appeared not to be a "popular" charity with the public. But with myself I also wanted to support my charity which was close to my heart but in the end the actual 'feeling' was ruined by the whole business style in which the Hospice treated me and my potential donation.
  • I think if the charity is close to your heart, you make it popular.

    I had my doubts as to whether I'd actually raise any money for Guy's & St. Thomas' Hospital Kidney Patients' Association - it's hardly got universal appeal. But because I believed in it and was happy to explain why, I raised far more than I could ever have expected.

    (This is my site - not to get more donations, but to demonstrate what I'm talking about.)
  • brilliant SVT
    is that a beachy t shirt in the pic?
  • PH - trust you to spot that! It's what I got changed into after the race, as I was too late to pick up a Cardiff t-shirt (got it now though).
  • I love beachy me
  • Tempted to go back next year, despite there being so many other marathons I haven't done yet.
  • I've decided to wait until I get the Ballot result, and if I don't get in to apply for as many charities as poss, with the hope of getting a St Ann's place.

    I am busy collecting application forms. But if that does not work there are always other marathons, and also London 2008.

  • I have a charity place, I've had it for about 5 weeks now amd have already started my fundraising. The charity is close to my heart for 2 reasons and as a family we have raised for them before. there's no fixed amount, I reckon I can raise around £2000. It's also well known that i want to do the FLM anyway and this is causing me a bit of trouble at work as my workmates don't know if they're sponsoring me or paying for me to do the FLM. So far I've managed to convince them that it IS for charity and not just for me. But cynicism rules unfortunately.

    I doubt I could raise for a charity i didn't believe in though.
  • You have a point Mark, one that has been raised by forumites in the past.

    One view is that the r*nner and the charity both gain, so everyone is happy. The other view is that it is unfair to ask friends and family to pay so that you can do something you wanted to do anyway. Each to their own.

    It's also a sad fact that some causes are more emotive than others. For instance, like it or not, sick kids will tend to tug at the heartstrings more than care of the elderly. On the whole I think this is reflected in the amount asked for by the charity.

    Good luck to you all.
  • I don't know if I totally agree on this. Doing the marathon requires a big effort on a person and so many do admire the achievement. For me personally its the people who white water raft or go on long horse rides that I begrudge paying towards as when you speak to them its not really an effort - my friend did long distance riding as a hobby and did a trek across Iceland for a charity. It was just an extension of her hobby, we paid for it and it didn't require any extra training or effort on her part. Same from a chap I spoke to about his rafting trip.
  • beatty - very true.

    Mind you, distance running is my hobby. I didn't feel guilty about asking for sponsorship though because I paid for my place and for all my transport, accommodation, food etc.
  • I applied and was successful getting a golden bond place back in early August. I still apllied for the ballot as well.

    I am running for Help the Hospices and I know when applying for them you can opt to run for a particular hospice.
  • hey
    i want to run for bliss and as my money come out of bank i think im out of ballot but bliss say i have to wait untill i get my letter and now havent replyed to my email asking what my chances are of a golden place does any one know ? as i need to step up my training and i need to start raising money as they ask alot to be raised but dont give much time to raise it.
  • sorry my money come out 2nd and i gave the money up. sorry
  • Heard today that got a place to run for Headway the charity for people and their families who have had head injuries. Gulp!
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