Draycote Water 35

I am (and have been) toying with doing this event for some time.

Can any one offer me inside information on this one?

I just remember stories of hyperthermia...


  • oooh nice if its gonna be cold count me in
  • well its in feb so that will effect things.

    its the kind of place where you can have all four seasons during one lap.

    the damn sections are exposed and usually either have wind sweeping off the fields or off the water.

    expect it to be cold, in 2005 it tried to snow at the start.
  • Can't give inside info. just some background details. I train and run regularly around Draycote Water.

    One lap around the res. is 4.71 miles. It's all road and very picturesque. It can be a bit exposed especially along Toft straight. The lap has no real climbs to speak of, just a few lumps.

    There is a good visitor centre with cafe so family and supports can shelter if needs be.

    My partner was training at Draycote this year when the 2006 35 was being run. It appeared to be a well organised event.
  • Thanks for that.

    Reading the reviews of 2004-2006, it seems that it is well organised.

    Lots of positivity coming at me here...

    Where is my diary...?

    Foster - are you likely to get a visa for this one?
  • Corridore Not sure yet I will have to apply for one
  • just a few lumps :-)

    see how lumpy they feel on the 7th lap.
  • Thanks ed.
    The voice of reason....
  • corridore Provisional visa application has been submitted and has passed the initial stages
  • If you need a reference or coloured paper for the triplicate application, let me know!
  • am about to enter draycote 07 did boddington 50k last augustin 4.12 (first ultra) would that make a sub 5 at draycote, everything being equal
  • 4:12 is a little bit faster than my 50k pb I did the year before 5'09 at Draycote. If the weather's favourable and you train right I'd guess sub 5 is reasonable.
    See you there.

    Incidentally there's alo a Draycote thread on the Tri/Ultra pages
  • aids - just thought I'd add to Hammie's comments. My 50k PB is 4:15 gained at Sutton Park 2004 and I ran 4:49 at Draycote 2005, so it is possible. I think I'll be there again next year :)
  • It's a fab race

    The race from hell !!



    The race i mean, not me LOL
  • I'm going to have a go too. Trouble is there is a cross country race the day before... I know its a bit mad but I'm thinking of doing both. It's just that I've long fancied doing this one even if only as a training run. Currently practicing doing long slow runs after short races.
  • Have posted my form.....so am 'in' as it were!

    Could someone tell me whether this is all on road, or are there off road bits??? (looking at maps and pics I am guessing all on road)

  • It's all on an access road/path around a lake so is in the main traffic free
  • RIghty o Steve...thanks. SOunds like road shoes are required then, rather than off-road shoes!

  • definitely road shoes.
  • Cheers UB!

    I am unpacking a couple of new pairs of shoes at the end of this month, so will have nice new squishy ones for this run!
  • Is anyone staying near the start on the saturday and want to meet up for dinner?
  • Im not Cas....closest I will be is a RW social on the friday night in Moseley in Brum. I think Hipps will be there, and possibly 'M1'....dotn know if you are local to that though. I will be heading up morning of.
  • I'm in Sussex so it's a little too far to drive up on the morning!
  • Ah right....no probably not!

    Hope you are able to arrange something....this thread has been fairly quiet of late!
  • Just found another thread for the race - I think most people are over on that one...

  • Ooooh my first proper linky thing!
  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    that would make a LOT more sense!!

    Cheers Cas!!!
  • yeh sorry.... we dont get out much :-)
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