I just bought a new bike



  • Yeah but the one strap velcro is better suited to sprint events where each second counts. I've 3 strips on mine so I can adjust tightness as I like.

    Unless you're a pro - you dont need these for the IM event.
  • mel - i don't know about anyone else but yes i have the left pedal set slightly looser than the right to make it a little easier to unclip. i always put my left foot down at junctions etc. means if i mess things up at least i'll be leaning left and will fall out of the way of oncoming traffic! also means i can push off with my strong leg i guess too.

    as for having one set looser for emergencies - really the pedals aren't difficult to get out of at all. in an emergency you'll pop your feet out straight away. it'll be second nature!

  • I usually put the left foot down as well

    cept for the three times I fell off trying to put the right one down

    Pratice with both :-)

    second nature my @rse
  • "second nature my @rse" lol!

    i've said it before, but i was mentally composing a post about how getting out of spd's was really easy, second nature infact, then a girl on a bike on a cycle path dithered a bit resulting in me hitting the deck as i didn't get my foot out in time :-(

    so, second nature most of the time ;-)
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