• Fair enough, I suppose it depends on the person. I wouldn't ever ask for my entry fee back though.
  • I thnik an "undulating" course is a great 1st Half marathon to do. By finishing it you've achieved your goal, the time is less important.

    If you choose to run more races, you stand a great chance of beating your PB on a flatter course.
    My first ever race, Marlow 2001, thrilled to finish. Second race Reading 2002, 9 minutes faster equally thrilled to have run so much quicker.
  • I don't think I would ever have run again if Marlow had been my first half-marathon! What did you think of Reading? I've done it a couple of times and it's not without it's hills but at least it's saine.
  • I enjoyed Reading, obviously lots more atmosphere because of the size, but accompanied by lots more chaos and a delayed start. If the logistics/facilities are sorted out to match the size of the event, then Reading would be good.
    The course was much more like my normal gently undulating training runs. Will probably enter next year.
  • Totally agree. The start isn't ideal either with those bollards in the way, saw a few people run into them.
  • Reading sane???

    Reading has got too big for it's own good. The facilities cannot cope with the size of the field as witnessed by the chaos in the baggage area last year. The size needs to dropped by a couple of thousand and I can't see them doing that.

    I was ready in good time for the advertised start time in just a running vest and ended up freezing.

    Next year I will vote with my feet and do Hastings instead, not only do you get a well organised race with some hills thrown in but you can also cool off in the sea at the end!

    If you want a flat course with a PB(almost)guaranteed try Wokingham in February.
  • Wokingham's where I ran my PB and there's not too large a field either.

    I didn't have to queue up at the baggage area at Reading because I was there with family but I didn't like the look of the queues! Despite problems at the start though, Reading is fairly well organised and pretty much the whole route was well supported too.
  • Anyone know what time the race starts on Sunday?
  • 10AM.
    See you there, if my dodgy foot heals.
  • Cheers.....
  • I have only just signed on to RW so I have only just discovered that Henley is not totally flat. A major hill after 8 miles will be ideal for my dodgy shins. I chose this event in place of Marlow which almost did me in last year. I have yet to run a race that RW has accurately described. I don't blame RW or race organisers but I had trained to run a PB........I'll still do it, that's the type of bloke I am ;-)
  • Find a nice girl to follow and that should help you up the hill!! :)
  • If Doof is who I think it is - then I would think choosing one girl to follow out of so many must be hard for you...
  • You sound very nice Lisa, do you have a photo i could see?
  • No photos, you might mistake me for Paula Radcliffe.

    ps - the nick name is after my dog - don't flatter yourself
  • do you have a wobbly head too - interesting.
    Woof :)
  • Clearly - without brains inside - to possibly think you different from the norm...how stupid can one be?
  • so is the wedding off then?
  • I would rather die a slow & torturous death thank you.
  • which brings you back to that hill again
  • oh well it could have been so nice! just me and my running shoes then.
  • Just for the record (according to the literature provided) it states states the course is mostly flat except for an uphill section of one and a half miles between Fawley Court and Fawley Village and a descent from Fawley Village to Fawley Bottom.

    Remember, what goes up must come down......

    See you all there.

    Nigel (379)
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