Training or Resting after the weekend?

Well I'm training but not running.

What:am swimming, pm circuits
Why:because I fancy doing both
Last hard:Sat
Last rest:Fri


  • Morning.

    What: 4½ miles quite hard.
    Why: Scheduled
    Last Rest: Friday
    Last Hard: Saturday
  • Morning, I had a rowing race yesterday and I've been out training today. Will be again tonight as well. And all this before a 5,000m ergo test on Wednesday. I love the punishment honest!

    What AM : 5.5 mile run, HR not exceeding 156 average 148
    What PM: 1 hours on the rowing machine and possibly circuits (depending on homework)
    Why : As I'm crazy :) the ergo work is regular and I've been adding to my training and running so done the run

    Last Hard : yesterday
    Last Rest : Friday

    So warm today here, hope you all have good weather
  • Good morning!

    What: Recovery run later. Or maybe a recovery walk, depending on how I feel.
    Why: I can't believe how OK my legs feel after yesterday's efforts.
    Last rest: Friday.
    Last hard day: Yesterday's long run.
  • Morning!
    what-easy 20/30 mins to see how poorly foot feels!!
    why- it hurts!
    last hard-sat long run
    last rest(enforced)-sunday
    have a good day everyone
  • Morning all!!

    What: 4 MileRecovery run.
    Why: Recovery from yesterday's efforts at Tunbridge

    Last rest: Saturday
    Last Hard: Yesterday's Race
    Last Long: Yesterday's Race
  • Morning

    What:Something easy - probably bike & then sauna
    Why:Recovery from 1/2 yesterday
    Last Hard:That will be yesterday
    Last Rest:Sat
  • Mornin'

    What: something easy, like putting my feet up with ice on the knees
    Why: longest run ever yesterday (and during the run pb for 1/2M, knocked 7 mins off previous time)
    Last Hard: Yesterday
    Last Rest: Sat
  • Hi everyone,
    What: Rest day, plus Sports Massage.
    Why: Usual post race procedure, plus hamstring spasm ooutlined in yesterdays training thread
    Last Hard: Yesterday
    Last Rest: Friday
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Bramley 20 yesterday , committed the cardinal sin of going too fast out of the blocks, and to think there was a thread on this only last week......

    Still pleased to come in within my 'pleased' target at 2.27.49 (prelim) , although if I had run more balanced could've come in a minute or so quicker.
    It probably didn't help that there is a 10 mile race alongside, so from 8-10 there are the 70-75 minute runners coming past - no good for self esteem - which for the less disciplined (ie me) means you run that little it quicker.
    Bodes well for a halfM pb at Fleet in 3 weeks (mile 13 in 1.34) and it also told me that I need to do some more long runs......

    Easy 4miles recovery today if I can make it down the stairs.....
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    What: am - 40 minute turbo trainer session
    pm - weights and maybe a 40 minute recovery run, or maybe not!
    Why: easy day
    Last hard day: yesterday
    last rest day: 9 days ago
  • Good run Dustin.

    What rest (can't walk let alone run)
    Though might get on the turbo trainer tonight now I've broke my duck.
    Why- see above
    Last hard yesterday
    Last easy Saturday.
  • Morning all,

    'Broke your duck' - is that a new running muscle I've never heard of?

    Good time there Dustin, I can imagine how dispiriting it must be to have 10 milers shooting past! That's a def. sub 3.15 for you then?

    Congrats on your Half pb 3TL, what's the secret?

    What: am: 5 mile recovery run, pm: club speed session.
    Why: Possessed by the marathon demon.
    Last hard: yesterday's marathon paced run.
    Last rest: last Monday.
  • Morning all.

    What: Really ought to go to cricket nets. So nets and/or an easy, short run.
    Why: My cricketing muscles are atrophying, but it's at a bad time of the week.
    Hard: Saturday long one.
    Rest: Sunday.

    May the force be with you.
  • What : Turbo Trainer Session
    Why : Recovery from yesterdays long run

    Was suposed to do weights this AM but did not sleep last night :o'(
  • Morning all,

    Bramley 20 yesterday...had a bit of a nightmare after 15 miles..up to then I was on target for sub 3 hrs...ended up with 3.03...more training required...

    What: Rest
    Why: Can't walk too great
    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: Saturday

    I'll start another thread with a question I have..
  • Afternoon all

    What: very little, maybe a swim and sauna
    Why: Bramley 20 yesterday...need I say more! Perhaps not the best thing to do after a week off with a cold, but I was pleased to get round even if 15 mins slower than hoped for. Oh and believe it or not, I was out there so long I sunburnt my face!
    Last rest: Sat
  • Hello everyone, lovely sunny afternoon here & finishing work for the day within an hour :-)
    All these reports from Bramley make me feel my run yesterday was a short stroll in the park.

    What: 3 mile recovery run (will try & drag half term children along). Think a few stomach crunches might be in order too (been reading Sassie's wobbly thread)
    Why: why not!
    Last hard: yesterday over the hills
    Last rest: Saturday
  • It's indoor nets for my club too tonight - but Mrs S is going out to a local history talk.

    2 sessions now Laura?

    what: nothing
    why: originally was going to try to fit in a short "catchup" session - but yesterday's horror run has put me off. Haven't relapsed back into last week's bug, but don't feel 100% either.
    Getting called by work at 04:00 didn't help - especially as I couldn't get back to sleep afterwards.
  • Evening all

    What 40 min recovery run gently covering 7kms

    Why: tired after time trial yesterday pm

    Last rest: Saturday

  • What; Nothing
    Why; Poorly knee/calf and no physio available till wednesday

    BOO HOO I miss my running
  • I am new to this but here goes...

    What : 3 miles
    Why : Had to get home from the garage after dropping my car off.
    Last hard : Bramley 20 (2:35) (Was looking good for sub 2:30 until 15 miles..., but enough of that on another tread)
    Last Rest : Saturday

    As for tomorrow, well I think I need a good long rest.
  • What: Resting for me today as always after a long run.
    Why: Sometimes swim on Mondays but I've found that if I run following a LSD it tends to affect me for the rest of the week.
    Last hard: yesterday - faster than predictied RW paced run
    Last rest: Saturday

    Work is definitely going to get in the way of training this week. Think I'm going to end up just doing two longer midweek runs rather than my usual three shorter ones.
  • rest

    But how do i fit in 5 training sessions with 2 on call days this week
  • Evening all.

    What: 3 x 1 mile intervals and 5 x 1/2 mile intervals for 8.5 miles altogether.
    Why: schedule says so
    Last hard: Saturday
    Last rest: Friday
  • What: a.m. 5 easy, pm 7 easy

    Why: raced yesterday - recovery day (also the mist rising up from the hedgerows in the morning!)

    Last rest - Sat 15th Feb
    Last hard - yesterday
  • Easy 3 mile jog, lots of yoga stretches afterwards.

    Resting after yesterday's 20-miler.
  • Nothing.

    Spent most of the day in bed, with periodic trips to the loo. At least I know that my awful run yesterday was courtesy of some nasty microbe, and I should be back to running properly once I can stay vertical for a while.
  • Well done Hilly on your swim and circuits - you're one fit woman! Me resting enforced, but now that I've done it quite glad of it. Up till 1am working last night, and it's taken its toll! Speed sesh tomorrow
  • Well done Dustin and RB - RB it's still a good time and will get you a sub 4 marathon. Laura, two sessions - I must give it a go! Well done. Good to see you back on form Drew. Hope you fix your duck Monique... Well done everyone, nice to see not alone in my resting
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