Running leggings for tall men

My partner spends his winter runs shivering through lack of long running tights. He's 6'3" and has not yet found a brand of running wear that offers leggings for long legs.

Has anyone found any that they can recommend?


  • Craft running legings are longer than husband is 6'2 and he got some from Tri & Run that fit him well....he also tried some adidas ones.
  • Are you looking for tights, or for leggings? I’m 6ft 3ins and long-legged, and I find that XL size Ron Hill tracksters fit me.
  • Thanks Inky

    Assuming that your waist band is not XL, don't you find XL tracksters too big?

    My partner is a bit of a bean pole (I'm sure he won't mind me saying that!)
  • Lucy, I’ve got a 32" waist, and I’m a bit of a bean-pole myself. I don’t find that I have acres of spare fabric flapping about - a snug but modest fit, I’d say. (You wouldn’t catch me in skin-tight leggings - I once saw Max Wall’s act, and the image still haunts me...)
  • I am 6'3" and have no problem at all. If you want tracksters, then large ones suit me fine, but large in just about any manufacturers similar products that I have tried fit me.

  • I'm 6'2" and wear the decathlon brand which seem fine.
  • Cool - seems like there are plenty of options.

    LewisKit - do you know any stockists of Decathlon Brand?

  • I am 6'4" and use Ron Hill Tracksters, but prefer rinning in Tights, as they move with me. I can not seem to find loud coulered tights to replace an aging pair though
  • Hi,

    My husband is 6' - so not that tall, but he doesn't want tights, does anyone here have any suggestions?
    I'm away to look at the tracksters but I don't know what else is available.

    Thanks (and sorry to Lucy for butting in without any of my own suggestions for your partner).


  • Hi Lucy,

    I am afraid only Decathlon sell Decathlon brand. Check out their website for your local store.
  • hi i am 6ft 3". 34waist 34leg. would like to use tights for the colder weather, but cant find any long enough. have got some nike dri fit in large but they are still too short. XL sizes are too big a fit.
    got an old pair of tracksters in L that fit ok thanks to the stirrups pulling the leg down. but they dont give the support that tights do
  • I use both Decathlon and Sub4 brand tights, and I'm 6ft4
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Just wear shorts. Legs warm up after 5-10 mins
  • where can i find sub4 tights?
  • Hi

    I'm 6'6, 38" inside leg. Any suggestions where i can obtain extra long running tights?

  • 6'4" tall, 32" Waist - I use Skins tights.....


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