6th Wirral Seaside 5K 2002 - report

The last evening run of the series - two more to come in the autumn - Sunday mornings. I'm never as sharp in the mornings, so regarded this as my last chance this year to get a half-decent time.
Not the strongest field ever seen - entry about 80 or so I would guess. Warm, sticky & just a suggestion of a following wind along the N Wirral coastal embankment.
Away we went and no-one was really galloping away. I was among the first 10 right from the off and went thru into Leasowe Lighthouse car park (just past 500m) in 1.44 & not feeling too bad.
Out onto the embankment and by 1K things were settling down. 3 runners are away from the rest, but 4th place was within a burst if I had the bottle or inclination; from the sound of hooves behind me, lots of runners capable of doing the same to me also. Settled for sitting in on the guy in 6th and hoped he would tow me past the two others within reach.
1 mile in 5:42 and I've reached this stage feeling worse in my time, but the "middle" mile (of the 3.1) round Leasowe Bay is the difficult one (uneven surface and slight incline much of the way). Got overtaken by one runner but managed to keep the legspeed going and remain in contact with the two in front....better than I usually manage at this stage.
Thru 2 miles in 11:37 having had a little breather on the downslope out of the bay and I sensed lots of company immediately behind. Started to work and closed the gap on 7th again and managed to hang on. By 2.5 miles he'd towed me up to the 6th placed runner; the sound of hooves behind me had faded, and (not daring to look round) there were no long shadows being cast by the sun behind me that I could see.
I lost my tow as a result of pausing for a breather (if you know what I mean) before passing the (ex) 6th place whome we'd both overhauled; a 10m gap had opened up and I was never to close it. Had a last go from about 200m from the finish but settled for 7th in 17:36 - 3 seconds adrift. Q pleased with the time though - a season's best in conditions that weren't as helpful as those earlier in the year. Now for some 10Ks!

Enjoyed the jog back to the car with the bloke who beat me - Kevin (didn't get his surname) from Wirral AC.

Haven't got full race details yet - winning time was about 15:50; first lady home must have done something around 18:00 or thereabouts.

Footnote: at last the web site has been fully updated - details of all previous runs are available on www.seasideruns.com . Next race Sun 29th September.


  • Well done Mike - another gripping report and good to see that all your hard work over the summer has paid off.

    Sub 36 10k this autumn?
  • Martin,

    In my dreams.
    Sub 37 remains the height of my ambitions unless/until I can put together the sort of times KorsaKing or Drew are doing on their interval sessions.

    Your suggestion wrt the speed session last Friday was spot on I think; I need a more balanced (i.e. "speed" as well as "speed endurance") program of quality sessions. Last night I was surprised to find how quickly I'd covered the first mile without too much distress (a relative term!) - I'm sure a total of 3 miles at well under 5:40 pace last Friday made a difference.

  • Good job Mike,
    17:36 is an outstanding time for 5K well done.

    If you're looking to make an attempt on a sub-37 min 10K there is one in Derbyshire in October (RW link and Race website) which is supposed to be flat and fast. I'll be making an attempt on sub-37 myself so if you're interested perhaps we could pace each other :-)

  • MM,

    Prior engagement alas! - I'm actually lining up the Chester Zoo 10K for that day (with my son doing the fun run). The finish is supposed to have changed this year (previously there was a nasty steep climb at 9K which knocks the stuffing out of you) so I'm hoping to have a go there.
  • Well done Mike, glad it went well for you and thanks for the report. I always enjoy reading race reports even though you and other speedfreaks are in a completely different league! The way you describe your racing strategy I can see why using HR might be a hindrance rather than a help, especially if you're up with the front pack. Presumably it's more productive to look what others around you are doing.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Mike, good result. I've yet to do a 5k and have no idea what I would be able to achieve. It sounds an awful lot more painful than a 10k or 1/2 marathon. I don't know if I could maintain 5:40 pace for 5k's, it's hard enough doing it for 1 mile. It just proves that your training programme works.

    MM, may see you at the Derby 10k as I'm quickly going off the idea of another marathon this year. I'd rather go for a sub 36 minute 10k.
  • Mike,
    sorry you can't make the 10K in Derbyshire but have a great run at the Chester Zoo 10K. Judging by your 5K time I'd say you're right on the money for a sub-37.

    would be great if you could make it to this one. From what I can tell it should be a quick course and hopefully it will be nice and cool (which is essential for me if I'm wanting to dip under 37). I'm going to do the Robin Hood Half in a couple of weeks and then all being well go for it at the 10K in October. Hope to see you there.

  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    MM, this will be the first year, since 1999 that I've not done the Robin Hood. Too soon after Glasgow, which is much more important than Nottingham. What are you aiming for at RH?
  • Some factual detail:

    1st Ian Magill (15:43)
    2nd Richard Shearer (Liverpool H) (15:52)

    12th & 1st lady Rosemary Connolly (Wirral) (18:21)
  • Drew,
    whaddya mean Glasgow is more important than Nottingham??? A cursory glance at the number of participants in each event would, I think, prove otherwise :-)

    I'm planning on trying to get round at about 6:20 min/mile pace and if there's anything left in the tank towards the end to try and get under 1:23

    What's your goal for Glasgow, still aiming for a sub-1:19?

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