Good Half Ironman Event in UK


I'm looking to do a half ironman sometime before I do my full in Switzerland but haven' actually been able to find one (am I being stupid). Anyway if there is one that is known please share.

Thanks guys


  • isn't bala in early june?

    there's always a good pirate turnout there
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Bala is a nearly half IM event and is very good. First weekend in June I think. There's a thread on it here Harry.
  • maybe try(coin a punn) the tri mags or bta who will have an up to date list for next year;0)
  • HIMUK is 17th of June. I think.
  • Cheers guys, IM switzerland is 26th june, what's the reckoning to it being too close to that for recovery and such?
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Bala would be ok, especially if you treat it like a training session.
  • Ok Harry Johnston on board!!
  • Actually I had better check that all important exam timetable...
  • ach, exams. over-rated, imo.
  • weymouth middle disatnce was on 4th june this year, thats a good race for a first one/ warm up for the full distance, nice sea swim, undulating but not too hilly bike think it was about 53 miles not 56. and a flat run, also about a mile short at 12 i think. £60 entry. concept sport i think.
  • Yeah exams officially finish 8th June, which probably means I can do these events as my exams usually finish way before the end date, but as nothing is published yet I will have to wait a while to decide
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