Medic help please

I tend to have a 'spiking' b/p which may well be associated with 'white coat syndrome'.

At work today, I was teaching someone how to take blood pressure with one of the electric sphygs. I got her to take mine as practice and it was 188/94 with a pulse of 53. At home just now it was 168/78 with a pulse of 51
When I was at the docs last year - she got a bit scared 'cos my b/p was similar. At home it is much lower (I bought a machine and take it occasionally). I really don't want to be taking medication of any sort ('specially beta blockers), do you have any advice?


  • your home BP should be less than 130/80 sue
    do a load of readings at differnt times and see about the average

    we would be fussier about home BPs

    as you know its a risk benefit thing to be weighed up individually
    if you DID end up needing medication, would suggest ace inhibitor or ARB

    Im sure you are already cutting out salt and so on
  • Thanks Hipps

    The puzzling thing is that yesterday evening - after a club run it was 126/64

    this morning it's 133/76 - do you know what would cause/how you prevent a spiking b/p and should I be concerned????
  • yeah
    you worrying about it!

    im not joking either
  • also do you have a reliable machine
    i would recoomend the omron arm cuff
  • I've a similar problem - first reading at home or readings at the docs are rather high - subsequent readings at home are 128/86 approx. I'm hoping that I'm just suffering from white coat syndrome. Got to go back to docs to be on safe side though.
  • Might be worth doing a 24 hour B/P Sue. Don't know what machine you are using at home, but the wrist ones are notoriously unreliable. The Omron that Hipps mentioned is recommended by the British Hypertensive society.

    I agree with not wanting to take a beta blocker, but they are really not considered 1st line treatment for B/P these days. I take an ACE inhibitor daily with good therapuetic effect and no unwanted side effects.
  • I have an Omron M7 - which is the next model up from the one we use at work, so no worries there.

    I'll just keep an eye on it for a while and see what happens, thanks guys :0)
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