Edinburgh University Braid Hills Cross Country Race (Women)

i know Gillian is up for it, anyone else?

oh and theres a ceilidh at night! wow


  • I really fancy it!
    -Trouble is i have my birthday night out on friday night and might be a little worse for wear!!-hmmmm?
    have you done it before santababy?... If so whats it like?
    can you get away with trainers?mine have a fairly good grip
  • havent done the race before but i have run round the braids before, well actually it was more of a walk/run ! running was still new to me then! it says on website you can wear traniers, a lot of it is gravelly type if its same route i took, onlt thing that will put me off is if westher is same as today, i love running in rain (ran into work this morn) but not got trail shoes/spikes and i reckon its just stupid to put yourself at risk
  • I was seriously looking at doing this one, but haven't been right from the effects of a cold for the last couple of weeks and not done much training at all! :(
    I have done one cross country before without my trail shoes, I forgot them, and it was horrific. I would NEVER do a cross country race again without trail shoes.... The slightest bit of mud at this time of year and you are slipping all over the shop in normal trainers. It's not just about twisting an ankle or something, the effort to run the race is even more because you are sliding all over the place and you have to use all your strength to keep upright!
  • Thats true -i wouldnt want to risk trying to do do it normal running shoes and end up injured...Guess i might just keep this one in mind for next year and get myself properly kitted out for cross country. Good luck if you do it &Let me know how you enjoy it santababy x
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