Craig Mottram Video - Inspirational

Someone posted it on You Tube. 3 parts (about 7 minutes each). Excellent!

Real Runners.
Real Runners. Real People, Real Fitness, Real Runners.


  • Love the components of that video, and have watched it a few times. If there is any runner right now that does serve as an inspiration to me, it's Mottram.
  • Thanks - they are really good and entertaining.
  • I would recommend for anyone to watch this video. Mottram's belief in himself is the aspect that comes out the most for me.
  • Pleased you guys enjoyed it - its awesome, also if you watch the 3rd video (its made up of 3 parts), you can catch Mo Farah sprinting in during the Kidney 10km (he finished 2nd - 28.37!!!)

    Real People, Real Fitness, Real Runners.
  • Hey Kevin, I watched that too. That is really good! Thanks for posting it. Haha, I'll be thinking of it when I think I die on Wedesday, hehe. C u then!
  • Great stuff Kevin. As you say - very inspirational. He sounds like he has a very good head on his shoulders and a good support team.
    We have a young kiwi who is just as determined to do well - Nick Willis - he was in that 1500m final where Mottram fell. These guys have the passion.
    It was interesting to see that Mottram runs on the road as well - not too many track runners do that till later in their careers.
    Thanks for posting the link! Had a good laugh about the chicken heart and the lion heart!!
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