Hi everyone.

Kinda new to the running thing. Have done various sports to various levels (football, cycling, squash) and have now taken to running after 7 months physio for sports injuries (enjoying it as well I might add)and have a quick question for you about hydration.

I know about coffee/tea/ being diuretic and how important it is to consume the correct amounts and types of fluid but was wondering if cafine free coffee and tea would count to your overall fluid consumption?

Cheers everyone.


  • the diuretic effect of tea and coffee(unless industrial strenght) is over stated
    so it can perfectly well count as part of your fluid allowance
  • Cheers for that.

    I dont drink cafinated stuff any more anyway so was just making sure.

    I have also found out how to change my nickname.

    Jeez. Its been a productive morning so far.......
  • now you need a picture

    welcome to the nut house:))
  • Cheers mate.

    As for the picture I'm sure there is not one on the internet will sufficient handsomeness.....

    Or sufficiently delusioned.
  • Thanks for that Hippo - didn't know that! I've been having tea shooters - cup of tea followed by glass of water - have a well and truly polished halo on that front then!! :o)
  • there isnt even any real medical evidence for the need for 8 glasses of water a day
    if your pee is nice and light-thats fine
  • I need much more than 8 glasses of water a day otherwise I get dehydration headaches and my running suffers. I drink more like 3 to 4 litres normally and more if I am exercising.

    There's nothing wrong with caffine as long as you drink some non-caffinated drinks too. I don't think alcohol has caffine...
  • no caz
    but booze DOES have nmajor diuretic properties
  • Does it? I thought that the serious dehydration after a binge was due to the constant throwing up! Can't stay hyrdated if the liquid won't stay in you. He he.
  • even if it stays down-the booze makes you wee more
    it inhibits that anti diuretic hormone production you see

    think of blokes and pints--------
  • err...I try not to. Some things just don't mix!
  • blokes and pints??????????

    they go together!
  • Blokes think that Blokes and Pints go together.

    Women know that it is best if they are kept apart! Unless it is pints of water after a long run of course.
  • oooh


    but fair!
  • tarnishing all men with the same brush a bit SC!  I drink pints (you're a brave man if you risk being seen with a half! ;-p)...but it doesn't make me crass, disgusting and revert back to primevil urges...well not much anyway ;-p

  • No more than howling women fuelled on cheap wine anywayimage

  • Wow... 2006!

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