Thomas the Tank Engine blue

I'm running (well, participating in) FLM this year, and my charity running vest will have Thomas the Tank engine on it. I'd like to extend the theme, but don't want to run naked and smeared in blue paint like an Ancient Briton (even though that's precisely what I am). Anyone seen any running tights (got to be tights, not shorts) and T-shirts in THAT shade of blue? I can add the red trim myself.


  • Hope you don't run out of puff V-rap.

    Boom boom.
  • Cougie, that's truly terrible!

    Sorry V-rap, can't help you, but admire you attention to detail!
  • I knoooow - I'm so sorry....

    V-rap - what about those club kit people ? They would have material in all shades and colours, and could prob rustle you up a set of tights and shorts in no time ?

    (are you gonna tow Annie and Clarabel as well - for extra realism ?)
  • Ill be Annie
    Tow me vrap
  • As the FFF club will tell you, running is the fat controller.

    Boom boom. Oh, please yourselves ...
  • V good muttley

    Wish it was!!
  • Apols to those who saw it on another thread, but if VRap drinks too much the night before, she would be Thomas the Tanked Up Engine!
  • I'm more of a Percy fan myself, but don't Ron Hill do some tracksters in that particular blue- and I think they had red trim
  • I was quite a fan of these books at bedtime when I was younger. Always enjoyed a Thomas the Tank before going to sleep ... :)
  • i knew you were naughty muttley, but, REALLY
  • Thanks for all the offers of help. Monique, I shall check out the Ron Hill stuff - I remember someone complaining elsewhere that Ron Hill's kecks are so short that he must be a midget, so they should fit me nicely.

    And the rest of you - The Fat Controller says that if you don't stop messing about on my branch line you will all be Sold For Scrap.
  • Who's Percy Monique?
  • I think the thread's come off the rails a bit Vrap!

  • This thread has lost its way.

    I liked it better when V-rap was naked and painted blue.

    (note lack of tr*in references)
  • V-rap

    Try talking to Wasp Sports, They have tights etc in 35 different colours, so there is a good chance they will have something suitable. I don't think there's a minimum order for lycra kit.
  • Crikey--a whole new meaning to the word 'training.'

  • Tee hee hee hee hee ! Can't beleeeeve I missed that one. Curse you Mim !!
  • FRB- Percy is the little green engine with the cheeky face. Have very vast knowledge of Thomas the Tank Engine on account of having boys, the youngest has more Brio than you can shake a stick at.
  • Oh don't go bringing Piglets stick into things !!
  • Hi Velociraptor,

    You running for the NAS too.

    Hows the sponsorship going.

    I'll see you there emblazoned with our Thomas the Tank engine vests.

    Anyone else out there part of the team?
  • Thanks Monique, I think I remember him now :-)
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