Training dilemma

I guess this is where all the expertise lies so I'm asking for a little guidance..

After yesterday's Bramley 20 (I had a similar experience to Trail Runner but at a slower speed), I now am not sure what to do before this weekends Imber 1/2.. I'm not going to try for a PB necessarily as this is all part of my FLM build up. I'm doing alternate weeks of one 18-20 miler followed by a shorter run of 12 - 15..I'd just like to have a reasonably comfortable, fastish run..

I plan a gentle-ish 6 miler tomorrow to get yeaterday out of my legs but after that I'm not sure..

can anyone advise the best plan?


  • Hi RB, I'm far from the expert, but if it were me my plan would be:

    Tues-easy 6
    Thurs-steady with some strides, distance for me would be my mid-week long run
    Sat-short easy run 4-5 miles

    Lots of rest days in there to help recovery from the 20. Hope this helps.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    RB, I'd also go for quite an easy week, bearing in mind that last week wasn't that easy for you with that "hard" easy run on Thursday or Friday!

    You could use this week as a recovery week before the final 3 weeks of hard training for FLM (followed by your 3 week taper)

    Pyschologically a good time in your 1/2 marathon next weekend will do you the power of good.
  • Thanks guys...I was kind of hoping you might say that. It seems to be what my body is telliung me anyway.

    Whilst on the subject of tapering, when should I do my last 20 miler before FLM?

    At the moment, I've got it for the week after Coniston which makes it the 30th March.

    Is this too close and should I be tapering after Coniston?
  • Hi Ratbag, well done on your 20 miler.
    Don't worry about your pace, that's what the training's for, I'm always depressed after my long runs too.
    Sounds like good advice from the others, and agree doing a good 1/2m time would be good for morale at this point in the training.
    Just to say, I'm doing my last 20 miler (a race) the week before Coniston, after a bit of agonising, (reading 300 posts on the subject of tapering that sort of thing,) decided another 20 miler was not a good idea, especially after racing 2 weekends in a row.

    How about we arrange a forum 2-3 mile jog warm up before Coniston, then relax?

    Good luck this weekend anyway.
  • Hello Laura,

    Thanks for that. I was a bit spooked by the end part of the run but I will try to put it in perspective. I'll follow your advice and not do another 20 miler after Coniston. I was worried it might be a bit close.

    What sort of distance are you going to do on the last couple of weekends then?

    Maybe a jog pre Coniston might be a good idea...I'll think about it!
  • 30th March seems a bit close RB - a lot of deisagreement on taper length, general concensus seems to be either the 16th or 23rd for the last long run, and if it's the 23rd then not to go mad with the pace.
  • Ratbag, Rest. I like the look of hillys plan for the week and shall be doing something very similar myself (as you said we both had similar experiences at Bramley). I am also in London and as drew says you can look at this as a rest week before the final 3 week hard effort. Resting can sometimes be hard to accept, especially when marathon training, BUT it is key to a good balanced training routine.

    All the best.

  • I was hoping to recover from yesterday's hard (for me) run with a gentle jog. My schedule says I need to do a 5 mile run - is it likely to be a problem if I do 3 at the track at lunchtime and another 2 in the evening?
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