You couldn't make this up


  • Hehehe.
  • There's a link in the GNR 2006 thread to a video of this pyrotechnic stunt.
  • means his Dad won't have to give him a rocket up the arse;o)
  • no you couldnt make it up but then again he was from sunderland!
  • I can't do links but if you go to the radio 2 website and 'do' the "listen again" for yesterdays 11 am news - it will probably bring a smile to your lips!
  • Thanks, we are not all retards in Sunderland you know!!!!!
  • (you a Geordie then Team??) Just because Newcastle doing badly at the moment no need to get on the lets take everyone in Sunderland down bandwaggon.......
  • Batmouse,
    are you saying that if it was a daft Geordie that had done that in a drunken stunt you wouldn't have a laugh ?
  • No it wouldn't. We have got a cr*p reputation up here in the North without muppets like him doing stupid pranks like that. We get branded as thick as pig s**t. Two years ago not far from where I live now some pranksters burned a guy alive in his house through putting a firework through the letterbox. When are these people going to learn that they are not toys and can kill? He probably thought he was going to be some hero at the Sunderland match or maybe he was going to end up on one of those video clip websites. Stupid....
  • Given that the name of the firework was 'Black Cat' I think you're right. I also agree with everything you say about about individual idiot's actions reflecting on their region.

    However I think it's also true that most people are intelligent enough to realise that this fool's stunt does not suggest for a moment that rectal firwork launching is a regional speciality on Wearside.

    I also think that Team would have made his comment even if Newcastle were at the bottom of the championship and Sunderland were flying high in the Premiership and Europe.

    WE have a lot to be proud of in the North-East. I wouldn't worry too much about this idiot.
  • One for the Darwin awards if it had killed him I think.
  • Darwin awards ??
  • You've never heard of the Darwin awards?
    "We salute the improvement of the human genome
    by honoring those who remove themselves from it.
    Of necessity, this honor is generally bestowed posthumously. "
  • Fantastic!

    Thanks, Ultra H.

    I think you're right, he would have been a good candidate :0)
  • Wonderful, He's actually in the armed forces. Don't it make you proud! He's come back from defending Queen and country... makes you wonder how secure queen and country is!!!! They released his name today,in local paper but I havent seen it yet. He isn't in a good way apparently. Just can't believe it.
  • Just seen this... now that has cheered me up - and I know it's not really funny butit is funny!
  • If he was in the army, surely he should have known a little bit about explosives and what they can do. My Brother (who is ex-army) said he could be suffering post-traumatic stress after serving in Iraq, and did it to let off steam, to which I replied if he didn't have it before, he will now. I can think of better ways to let off steam. What happeed to getting slightly drunk, dancing stupidly in a nightclub, a kebab after, then throwing up all over when you got home? That was a good way of letting off steam. The youth of today. Makes you proud.....
  • Lesson 1: don't light your farts.
    Lesson 2: if you missed lesson 1, keep your trousers on when lighting farts.

    This bloke must have missed the whole term.
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