RW Schedules

I've just been looking at 2 separate schedules, both supplied by RW for a 4.30 finish. Both online in “Training”

One of them, RW's Basic Marathon Schedules, Intermediate involves running 29-31 miles from week 1.

The other, called RW's Ultimate Marathon Schedule Sub 4.30 only starts with a 15 mile week over 5 days!! You dont get to run 30 miles till week 7.

They're both 16 week schedules by the way.

How can 2 schedules be so different and what are the advantages of one over the other?.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m always up for an easy life but if I were to follow the “ultimate” schedule, I’d actually have to cut BACK on training and I don’t do a lot now!

Does anyone have any ideas?

Confused Chimp.


  • I've taken a look at these and can't see how the Ulimate one is supposed to work. Long run mileage builds too quickly (IMHO). It might be of some use to an experienced runner coming back after an enforced break, but for someone currently doing a 15 mile week it looks like a recipe for injury.
  • Oh shit
    Im following the ultimate one, well trying to
  • I'm with Glenn on this.

    A schedule that asks for little more than the ability to get out of bed for the first couple of weeks seems a recipe for injuries.
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