Im in eastbourne for a week

Im in eastbourne on a course for a week in march, 17th to 21st I think anyone fancy taking me out for a run save me getting lost. Ill have done Cranleigh on the sunday (21 miles) so a nice couple of looseners before paddock wood would be appreciated. If no does anyone know of a club in the area that would let me run with them on their club night?


  • Nobody likes me everybody hates me
    Think i'll go and eat worms.

    O,K THEN

    Ill run on my own

    Goes off into corner to sulk.
  • last attempt then ill let it die a death
  • stop eating worms jtp - I live in God's waiting room but I'm away skiing on the 17th (my 50th birthday) until the 19th, so earliest would be the 20th - I will need to do something as i have planned the Worthing 20 on the 23rd. otherwise I can make suggestions where to run delending on where you are staying.
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