Fraserburgh Half

Just wondering if anyone has ever done this race. It is on next Sunday. I did the Glen Clova Half yesterday, which was fantastic. I can't imagine Fraserburgh being quite that scenic, but any excuse to do another half would do. Soo - does anyone know anything about size, course, atmosphere etc? I suppose the easiest thing might be just to turn up and do it... Thanks for your help!


  • Ursula just turn up and do it:)))

    I have ran this race before but a couple of years ago, I think last year they changed the course, but normally it up and out of Fraserburgh to the Buchan Way and along that for a few mile where it can be a bit tough if its windy as its fairly exposed, then its an undulating loop of about 4-5 miles and back onto the Buchan Way and back into Fraserburgh. They don't normally get huge number for this, but there is plenty of sandwiches, cakes etc., for all finishers.
  • Hi Cat,

    thanks for that. I think the cakes may convince me... ;o)


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