Fat Club Thursday 29th

Well, I went for my weigh in and I have PUT ON 1 kg, that's 2.2lbs, and I am more or less back where I started. That's right, I train hard, eat well and I put on weight, so what's the point?? I seem to be the same weight whether I eat what I want or I watch my diet... OK, I did have to weigh in in the evening after my dinner, but surely that doesn't account for a whole kilo of weight??

Yours feeling thoroughly fed up,



  • Yup.. Can do! DO IT IN THE MORNING AFTER A PEE!!! My weight fluctuates soooooo much that it's barely worth weighing myself!

    Chin up girlie!
  • Lamb,
    I know exactly how you feel.I've been the same weight for months despite running
    20-30 miles a week. Anyway, I've decided to take the advice from this Forum and go for the burn! I've made a concious decision to stop plodding and shift my a**e up to the next gear and get rid of this damned burden commonly known as the belly!
    Like Jon says, Chin UP, you are still much fitter than you were before you started this game. Keep at it, laugh in the face of minor set backs like no or little weight loss because you know that whatever obstacle is set up to pi** you off, YOU will win in the end and reach the goal you are aiming for!(sorry this sounds a bit philosophical at this time in the morning,I was just on a roll)
    Kev H
    (Kill the Belly!.. Kill the Belly!...)

  • Lamb - firstly do you really need to lose weight?
    Secondly even if you are eating healthily that does not necessarily mean you are consuming less calories than when you don't eat healthily.
  • Dear Lamb,
    You can do it, you have been doing it, its all moving in the right direction. Muscle weighs more than Fat! I have been inspired by eveyones efforts and I am starting today (again - but this time I have running on my side!). In my past weight loss experience, it always seems that I put on a lb or 2 just before a big weight drop. Stick with this week and you will be amazed by the results!!!
    Think strong and pure!!!
  • Hi Lamb, apart from muscle weighs more than fat, don't forget us women weigh more at certain times of the month and can account for about 4lbs (in my case) and can mask any real loss at that time. Certainly don't lose faith, if you have weight to come off, it will.
  • Thanks everyone! I will stick with it, it's just really tough at times like these when you feel like you're getting nowhere despite all your best efforts! I'm thinking of following the example of some other fat club members and giving Weight Watchers a try...

    Good luck to you all!
  • BTW, I might not be on the forum much for a while as this is my last day at my current job and I'm away on a 3-week training course for my new one. So best of luck to you all in case I don't catch you for a bit!
  • Lamb, have fun in Maidstone and good luck!
  • Cheers! I think I'm pretty much sorted for running partners too, thanks to Big Tim and Snoop... The guy from Maidstone Harriers is going to pick me up Wed evenings for the training sessions, so no excuse. Only thing now is to avoid the temptations of canteen food!!
  • so i have been dumped as a running partner then... :)
  • Hardly!! That's just my Wednesdays accounted for!!
  • BTW, will be there from Sun afternoon/eve ...
  • Went for a run yesterday and managed to do 4 miles with just a couple of walk breaks. Completed it in 30 mins. i have noticed an improvement in my recovery time. Weird thing though I always seem to be able to open up my stride in the last mile, and dont feel as knackered at the end of the run. maybe i could go a bit further....

  • You will! When would you like to give it a go?
  • how far are you running at the moment?
    I think i will measure out a 5 mile circuit tonight and give it a go.
  • I run anything up to about 13 miles at a time (long run) but 5 would be fine. have a crack and see how you go. It might be good for us not to plan a route and, as long as we don't get lost, just go out there and see how we get on, I'm sure you'll surprise yourself!
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Lamb, you are not alone. I was so chuffed last week to be below 11st (only a whisker - you couldn't see daylight between the needle and the stone marker), but today I'm 11st2lb. I'm putting it down to the comfort eating I've been doing since my bike crash on Monday (sounds like a good excuse to me!) but I'm going to put extra effort in next week.

    I'm also going to start some speed work after Loch Ness. There - I've said it now!
  • 13 MILES!!!!! i am not upto that at the moment. But if 5 is ok for midweek runs then i will give it ago tonight. well i will give it a go anyway.
  • Hi all. Distaster has struck. Knee is sore so I can't run on it. Am getting it looked at by a professional. Its so frustrating, just when I was getting to enjoy running. Anway, will try swimming and keep up the healthy eating in the meantime. Keep it up everyone.
  • Nic, 5 is def def OK for midweek, so no worries! See how you get on tonight... Might not be able to check email, so give us a call sometime, be good to go out for a run... (I did send you my phone no?)

  • Just would like to share: I've just been out to buy a pair of jeans, 6 months ago I couldn't get into a Gap size 14, today I bought a pair of Gap size 10s.
    *bursts into tears of joy*!

    it is possible to weight you just got to keep your chin up (and your will power) and think I CAN do it.
  • Congrats, Gemini, that's a real achievement (and one I hope to emulate!!)
  • Lamb - yeah i have your mobile number. I will let you know how i did tonight.

  • Gemini - Well Done, Hope i can get my waist size down as much.

  • well its not as good as it sounds as Gap sizes are 2 sizes smaller than english sizes (Gap 10 = English 14) but its a start :)
  • Its still 2 sizes smaller than 6 months ago :))
  • Yeah well done Gemini. Just think in another six months you could be 2 sizes smaller again - Gap size 6. YAY!

  • thanks everyone, my aim is a britsh size 12. I think at 5'10 any smaller wouldn't look very healthy but we shall see!!
  • Well done Gemini!

    Again I have managed to lose a grand total of 1/2 pound! Nothing like taking it slowly. So far I have lost 4lb in 6 weeks.
    I've had a lazy week, with my running partner away I only ran twice. She's back now and it's only 3 weeks until my half marathon, so it's time to 'pull my finger out' and make an effort.

    Lamb - I'm well impressed with your 13miles!

  • where is everyone today??

    Lamb - i wasnt running as far as i thought i was running. It was only just over 3 miles. so as for the 5 mile run. i didnt try it. I am going to try it sunday morning

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