Fat Club Thursday 29th



  • Hi all,
    Haven't posted for a few days as I've had my little 8 year old niece staying with me and I have been so bad with the eating!! Firstly, I haven't run/exercised since Saturday and, secondly, I have been eating very badly - pizzas, crisps, chocolate.. oh dear, it's all my niece's fault! Anyway, now I'm hoping to get back on track and go for a run in the morning - too exhausted tonight! I'm also having to make it up to the Mr. and my two mad Siamese cats who I've neglected all week in favour of my niece... one of the nutty Siamese's is sitting on my lap while I'm typing this!! Anyway, let you all know in the morning how I get on - plus I am going to weigh myself too... gulp!!!
    Michelle x
  • Michelle, a short break from the 'behaving yourself' is good! I bet you'll get back on track with renewed vigour. I am currently on an enforced three week break from running. I am cross training instead and after I got past the initial frustration I have to say I am raring to go.
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