Increasing Mileage

Hi all,

I'm currently running about 18 miles a week, broken down as follows:

Sunday: Long run, up to 7.5 miles at present.
Monday: Recovery run of 4 miles.
Wednesday: Tempo run of 4 miles.
Friday: Speedwork/hills of just under 4 miles.

I'd like to add a bit of distance to the weeknight runs, and was thinking of adding a mile to the recovery run and a mile to the tempo run for a couple of weeks. Once I'm used to this, I'll add a couple of miles to the long run.

Is this a good way to proceed? Or should I increase the long run each week? I've read that it's OK to up the long run by more than a mile as long as you hold it at the new distance for 2-3 weeks before increasing by 3-4 miles again.


  • No more than 10% increase per week. When increasing milage it is important to get used to your current milage first. So after every increase see how you feel after a couple of weeks and then, if you are comfortable, increase the milage again. Don't over do it though there is nothing worse than an injury caused by over training.

    All the best
  • I wouldn't increase your recovery run Minkin, instead I would add that mile to your long run.
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Thanks Hilly & TR,

    Yes, I guess it's a waste to add an extra mile to a recovery run.

    I added it to my tempo run instead (which I did last night as I didn't manage to fit in my long run at the weekend) - 5 miles at 8 minute mile pace: felt great!

    Definitely getting better! I will add the other mile to the long run as suggested.

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