I'm working in Hitchin mid week & will miss my club run.

Is there a club in or near to Hitchin which could put up with a fairly indifferent runner from Devon for an evening?


  • Dave. Your prayers have been answered. Go to www.nhrr.web.com. North Herts Road Runners are the friendliest club in the country. Used to live in Hitchin, but now in Lincs and I am still a member. You will be welcome with open arms no matter what your ability and there is a good social life too.
  • M are you out there? Back me up on this one!

  • Had a look at the web site - sounds like a great club!

    Then the bad news, a change of plan, I'm only there Wed night and their club nights are Tue & Thur!

    Can anyone recommend a 7 or 8 mile route, starting from the centre? I'll be running around dusk, so somewhere lit would be best.
  • Yeah, great club - miss them all desperately (sniff, sniff).

    Well I know Hitchin well. Where are you starting from, and I may be able to help with a route?
  • Hi FS

    Staying in the centre, near a small square & a decent Italian Restaurant (Marcos?)

    Doing this from memory as the details are at work - any advice regarding route gratefully received. Otherwise I'll just run for 35 mins, then try to get back faster (always interesting when I lose my way!)
  • OK, leave it with me. I'll email you privately with the details.
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