Missing Long Runs?

I have a dilemma.

I raced a 5 miler last Sunday and plan to race a 9 miler next Sunday. It would therefore be 3 weeks between long runs. I have done some 14s / 15s on evening runs but I am thinking about a 20 on Weds night.

This would be after a heavy speed session on Tuesday and 5 on Wednesday morning.

Can some experienced marathon runner tell me whether I can do this and still be doing good preparation for FLM? I have already done 3x20, 1x22 and 1x23 mile runs and have a 24 and another 20 mostly @ marathon pace planned.


  • I'm not an experience marathon runner, but looking at the long runs you've already done I don't think it would hurt you to miss another long run. It's a bit risky following a long run the day after a speed session and another the following day. Is there any way you could run a few extra miles after your 9 mile race. If not, I think I'd just do a mid-week 14-15 and then a long run the following weekend. You have plenty already 'in the bank'. Good luck!
  • Thanks Hilly - that's why I `banked' them back in Dec / Jan. I hope the effect doesn't wear off too quickly.

    Having read some other threads on long runs some people seem to get by with very few. Where running's concerned I'd rather do a bit too much than too little.

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    I will be running the Norton 9 on Sunday as well Barnsley man. As I too am training for the London Marathon my usual ploy is to drive the 40 mins. home after the race then go out again and do another 5 or 6 miles steady. This does take a lot of self-discipline but also helps to ease a bit of race stiffness out of the legs! Some of my clubmates ran a few extra miles straight after the race last year before they went home.
  • Seems a good idea Wardi. Last Sunday I did the Wombwell 5 having run 5 miles there then 5 miles back. I then managed 4 in the evening and felt fine on Monday.

    Have a good one on Sunday!
  • I'm doing a marathon in 5 weeks, the last 2 weeks have seen long runs of 14 and 10, the 2 weeks before that were 21 and 22 miles and I am planning a 22 mile one today or tomorrow. Hopefully this will not mess up the run too much.

    I'm doing a 10k this weekend but will try and get out for another 7 or 8 afterwards too.
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