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  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    Hi Flynn,

    thinking of doing this again next year, as am a FLM reject.

    Outstanding race last year

    take care
  • Already entered as also rejected again by FLM.

    As least this will be easier then that XC last week ;-)
  • RJF:

    Good to here from you mate.

    I'm a FLM reject also so I'll be running Halstead again this year.

    We have a new website this year. Feel free to join us here.


    Results of the XC are here if you havn't found them already:

    XC Race Report
  • RFJ:

    Apologies for the typo...... :( Fingers not reacting to brain at the moment.
  • Hi all,
    Never done a full marathon before.Have done 2 halfs though (does that count?)Rejected again by FLM (I'm not bitter)bas@**ds
    Thinking of running Halstead or Stratford not sure which is suited to marathon virgin.
    Anybody out there done both????????
  • HI Hammer time Ive run both and would say Halstead every time it is a fantastic race brilliantly organised and a lovely course (and im not even 1 of the organisers) Sadly I cannot say any of that about Stratford nuff said I recon.
  • I am one of the organisers, in fact I'm the Entries Secretary, so whatever I say will of course be biased. :)

    I did Halstead as my first marathon and I know plenty of people who have run it as their first.

    If you want a low-key, well-organised event through some beautiful countryside then come to Halstead. We'll do our best to look after you.
  • Thanks Flynn and Mark for the reply,
    Did the Bedford Half recently and put in quite a lot of training for it.Now I was thinking (at around the 11 mile mark)that I am very impressed by people who run the full 26 miles race (espicially the ones dressed as a rhino or similar)Q.How many real rhinos could run 26 miles in under 4 hours do you think?
    Am running the London half marathon in March with my little bruv (bless him)and I considering running full marathon (1st one) in May but bricking it about the pain my old body will be in!
    Someone tell me its easy to step up to the full race.
  • stuff it I'm going in
    See you in May!
  • Good for you mate. Look forward to getting your entry. Let me know when you've applied and I'll add you as an entrant and you'll be able to access special areas on our new website at Halstead & Essex Marathon
  • Good for you Hammer you will never ever forget your first marathon.

    Im not sure if Im gonna do this next year it is one of my favourites but Jnr F turns 18 in Feb and wants to run a mara next year so I guess ill be guided buy what she wants to do.
  • I'm thinking about entering this one, although it will be only three weeks after Lochaber. Can anyone tell me how undulating it is?

    Mark I know you're a Thanet RR man, so could you give me a comparison against he Thanet 20 or Half M.

    Bearing in mind the location Hammer time, I presume you're an E13 supporter like me ??
  • looking to enter this as my 2nd marathon did the isle of wight last year is it easier does anyone know although 26 plus is never easy
  • Decided to go for it anyway. I plan to run 4 marathons in 2007 and this will be 2nd on my list.
  • Good for you mate.

    I can confirm that we have received your entry.
  • kevin I would say its less "undulating" than the Thanet 1/2 and depending when you last ran our 20 its definitely a flatter course than the new Thanet 20 course, which was used for the first time in 2006 and about the same as the old 20 miler.
  • Thanks Mark. I ran the Thanet 20 in 2006, so I'm pleased you consider this one flatter. I'll be doing the Thanet 20 again this year
  • Hi all,

    Ran this as my first marathon beck in 2003 when, if memory serves me correctly, there was light rain (or was it the tears??). Ran FLM in 2006 but rejected this year. Thinking about running Halstead instead but does have some demons for me, not least the hobbling walk for a couple of miles. Still, managed to get round FLM without incident (allbeit with a bit of walking) so maybe I should exorcise (or is it exercise!) those demons and give it another go. I take it the course is unchanged from 2003?????
  • Hi All
    Looking to do my first marathon in april may time, after serving my apprentiship of 7 half marathons with a pb of 1.43.29.

    I did want to do fort william on april 21st but it would mean missing my sons eigth birhday so have now given this a miss, i also am a flm reject 2nd year.

    I have also looked at stratford upon avon ,bungay , taunton , ambleside lake district and even paris amd rotterdam but have been advised about going abroad for my first marathon.

    Some of the questions i have about this marathon is my pb for the half is 1.43.29 acchieved at kenilworth warkshire on oct 8th 2006 and then previously it was at watford in feb2006 at 1.44 both courses are slightly underlating,
    So what kind of time could i expect at halstead for the full half with these times?

    My 2nd question is do you provide energy drinks on the course ie lucozade sport and does the water come in bottles or horrible plastic cups, or can you provide your own drinks.

    My 3rd question is is this race better than all the other marathons i have considered?

    Many THANKS
  • Forgot to ask does this race fill up quick.
  • SS:

    The course is the same as in 2003 AFAIK. There may well be a change to the bit right at the very end this year, where you come out on the road though.


    Q1: I would target sub-4 hours if those are your times for the half. Maybe even target 3:45.

    Q2: We do not provide energy drinks on the course but you have the facility to place your own drinks at any of the water stations. Water does not come in bottles so will be served in cups. Can't remember the type though.

    Q3: Yes. :) But then I would say that. I'm one of the organisers.

    Q4: The race fills up towards the end at we usually get pretty near our entry limit.
  • Apologies. Shouldn't really post at this time of the morning.

    The post above should have been directed at RTB not RTF. :(
  • Return to bletchley my half pb is 1.45 done in 2006 and I ran FLM in 3.50 last year if thats any help. I think a lot depends on how well your training goes when you up the mileage for marathon.
  • If its any help my half pb (achieved in 2006) is 1:25 and I ran FLM last year in 3:20, but interestingly my half pb prior to Halstead 2003 was 1:28 but i only just scraped under the 4 hours at the full distance that year. Training definitely comes into it as I was more prepared for FLM 06.
  • Well thats me entered then!
  • Hope I'll be here again this year.
  • SS:

    I can confirm that your entry has been received.
  • Mr SlowButFar..... glad you're going to be there mate. Wouldn't be the same without you.
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    Flynn, just to let you know that its now unlikely that I will be doing this one this year as have just got a club place for FLM tonight.

    If I do do it it will be a late one after FLM, but with a nother mara in Feb and an ultra in Mar its unlikely.

    However will spread the word on this great event - one of the best maras I have done.

    Take care and look after yourselves all.
  • Congratulations mate. Well done on getting a FLM place. I'm still living in hope. There's still a very slim chance that I get a place. If I don't though I shall be running the excellent Bungay Marathon instead.
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