Collapsible bottles..........

I am looking for a drinks container similar to the foil type containers that contain lucozade sports drinks.

Something to take up to, say 200mls, but then which can be crushed up and put in a pocket and be washed and re-used!

Does such a beast exist?



  • I saw something similar in an outdoors/camping shop once, it was flat and made of thin plastic. Can't remember how big though, and my concern would be hygiene if you're re-using it (maybe use sterilising tablets?)
  • These are called Platypus Hydration Bladders. I think the smallest they do is 1L and normally comes with a hose for drinking. These are designed with trekkers/mountain runners in mind, so the bladder would fit in your rucksac and the hose would allow you to drink on the move. You can also get them without a hose. They start from about £10 upwards depending on size. They are really durable and hygiene isnt really a problem if you wash them out after each use.
    Check out any outdoor website such as Cotswold Camping etc....
  • yeh i've used a platypus before now, think the smalles it 500ml or so tho. still rolls up nice & small tho.
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