the long run

training(sort of)for the gt scottish and its 10 mile trainig run this weekend(hal higdon novice).I have my route planned and am quite excited about it(in theory)but not sure at what time of day to go.It seems a bit far to go before breakfast as I usually do,however if I wait I just might not make it.Any tips?I simply HAVE to do this or I have NO hope in getting thru the actual race.


  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    The race starts at 10am, so it's probably best to try to run as close to then as possible, with a similar breakfast to what you will have on the day. An hour either way won't make much difference though.

    If you are planning a 10 miler this weekend, then you are in good enough shape to get round already. Relax and enjoy this weekend's run.

    If you are going to be in Glasgow the night before, some of us are meeting up for pasta - details on the "Events" forum. And there are plans to meet up pre-race with some more forumites.
  • cheers Nessie.I will be up and out by 10.00 no prob and try and eat about 8....this is exciting.Have made alternative arrangements for the kids taxiing service that I normally have to run before doing!!!I'll check out the Events forum now!!
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