Superb Satisfyingly Slow Saturday

Goooood morning peeps,

Thought it was about time someone started the thread.

No running for me today, off to an "Introduction to Shiatsu Massage" course.

Talk to you all later, enjoy getting muddy Mr Bear & Bee!! ;o)


  • morning!

    day of laziness for me
  • Have to go to w*k :-(
  • But I'm outside today and it's lovely and sunny and crisp :-)

    have a good day all
  • morning peeps!

  • moning all


  • (who nicked my 'r'?)
  • I've got it!!!

    Good morrning peeps :o)

    Shiatsu massage? Haggis, that really is getting close to desperation. You'll be signing up for salsa dancing classes next ;o)
  • Morning, just in from tough session and now off for the horrors of battling round the shops in the pre-Chrimbo mania. Blurgh.
  • >Discreetly hands Kaz some valium and largactil for her pre-Crimbo mania<
  • Thanks for the rescue remedy V-Rap! Didn't achieve much for Chrimbo - apart from getting some wool to knit my great nephew a jumper and some ingredients to make choccies and mince pies (doing a test run hence the early start!) but not a great deal else.

    Given that it's nearly 4pm and all I've had to eat today is two small slices of toast and a very small bar of choccie I think I should be hungrier than I am - esp after my pt sesh this am. Not normally this bad with my dietary requirements! ;o(
  • V-Rap, Ballroom or Argentinian Tango possibly, not defo not Salsa!!!

    Kazz, how's the leg after your session this morning?
  • Ok - she says cautiously! After holding up well to the 20 min run and abs on Thursday, Glen and I had a 20 min run outdoors today (first time outdoors in 9 weeks). Not too snail-like a pace, then some drills and some more abs. Feels a wee bit swollen but other than that not bad. Will take it easy at the gym tomoz and then plan to do another 20 min run on Monday and Wednesday. That'll give me four runs under my belt by the time I see the fizz on Thursday.

    Trying not to get too excited - last time I did that it went pear-shaped.
  • Well done, just take it easy - remember that the long term result is far more important than short term gains.
  • Yes Uncle Haggis!!!! ;o)
  • Watch it! Remember it's Kitana who's the youngster not Granny Kazz!!! ;oP
  • Saucer of milk for the old geezer!!! ;oO
  • Flattery will get you nowhere Madam...
  • Just bought yet another new pair of shoes - not sure if it was a good idea but they did feel dead nice :oD

    Glad to hear things are porgressing well Kaz :oD
  • Bear and I thought it was only us ladies who have a penchant for shoes!!!! ;o)
  • well yeah, but these are running shoes - they come under the heading of gadgets ;o)

    how did SCD go - I've missed it?
  • Sounds like me and my excuses for buying fitness gear!

    Mark was pretty dire this week, Brendan was, as ever imho, the horniest guy in the universe, Peter wobbled around the floor, Louisa looked rather out of place and Matt danced really well. The judges had a strange night - BC and Claire and Louisa and thingy both danced the tango and they raved over Louisa's dance which I couldn't see at all. Still that's why they get paid big bucks to sit there I suppose.
  • yeah - I do find them strangely inconsistent though.

    Quite fancy doing some dancing sometime - haven't done any for a couple of years.
  • Apart from occasionally shoving one of my latin cd's on and hip swivelling round the living room, I haven't done any since my last trip to DR.
  • time for a forum hip swivelling outing? :oD
  • Could be a winner!
  • "hip swivelling"???
  • It's not a proper dance if there's no hip action!!! ;o)
  • yep - I think we should share some hip action, Kaz ;o)
  • So that's two for the London Hip Swivelling Social Night!! ;o)
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