Cross trainers / Elliptical

Evening all,

I'm thinking about buying a cross trainer and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations - not too expensive please.



  • i bought mine about 4 weeks ago from i was £189 and in sale to £59 with £10 delivery next day. it is fantastic, really light and also quiet so i can watch tv!i am very happy with it.
  • What make is it?
  • Found the website - not bad at all. Will def consider it. Thanks
  • Have a Nordictrack that I bought second hand a few years ago for £50. Bargain that was! Its built really well - I'm not sure if they are available now. Certainly wouldn't buy many people have great intentions....and then sell the machine second hand
  • i bought new at £59 but many second hand are that price and i wasn't sure if a second hand one had been abused.
  • Yeah, I'm stuck between the new/second hand dilemma.

    Cheaper but no warranty hmmm,
  • Hi,
    just found this thread and looked up the HQ website. How much resistance do you get on this one? The only other one I've found nearly as reasonable is at Argos and it's £79.

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