and is it any good? Will it also download adware and spyware or is it as free as they say?

My son is in Bosnia and he has suggested that I download this programme so that he can talk to me free. I've been caught out before with spyware and adware that just bu&&ers up my 'puter. I was just wondering if anyone had any experience of this and whether it was safe to use it???


  • Dark Vader uses it (I've seen him say so) you can find him on underneath thread

    I have got it but don't use it.

    Friends use it all the time
  • Skype is good and free of spyware etc. in my experience.
  • Yep.. I use it... haven't noticed any problems.. sound quality is crystal clear, much better than a conventional phone. And you can talk as long as you like for free!

    I haven't noticed any adware or spyware, but i do use McAfee Security System which would (should!) remove any of that junk anyway.

    So.. it gets the thumbs up from me. Just download it, and buy a headset to keep your hands free for doing other things on the PC while you chat.

    Also.. you can have conference calls.

  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭
    Not sure if it downloads adware or spyware but I've used it, so has Fat Face, and our computers haven't been buggered up. I really don't think you'll have a problem. I would, however, recommend you buy a decent headset rather than just a mic.
  • My brother uses it in dubai and has bought phone numbers in each of the cities he has relations, Aberdeen, sheffield and Northampton which means I can phone that number and only pay uk bt prices and it calls him in dubai. So 2p for an hour at weekends.

    Its got no delay either great for me as i use bt and he uses skype and i pay 2p for the hour rather than bts price of 37p a min!!!
  • I use it all the time. I do trips all the round the world - am currently in Houston, next week Bangkok. Skype has saved me a fortune in calling home. You can also phone mobile no.s (and land lines)for a small fee even from abroad. Best invention of the 21st century (so far!).

    Only problem is that you have to leave the computer on in order to receive messages.

    So long as you have a decent broadband connection, the quality is excellent.
  • yup i use it quite a bit

    i think it's one of the best of it's kind

    and that must be why ebay bought them out for a zillion dollars

    there's no sneaky programmes or tricks in it

    and they now have video built in so if you have a web cam you can as easily make a video call to your loved ones!

    regading hillheaders point
    re leaving computer on - true but you can get messages without the computer on if you sign up for the ansaphone service
    but that part is charged for - not loads though

    i think it's also cheaper to call **uk mobile numbers** from skype than from normal phones (someone correct me if i am wrong as that sounds too good doesn't it?)

  • hmm 0.23 euros per min about 13p for calling a vodafone number?

    not sure how that compares

    but here's a nice thing so you don't have to turn your computer on to use skype
  • my mum uses it all the time
    she loves it
  • My son uses it, never had a problem that I am aware of.
  • sue - we use it to call the uk from here - no probs at all.....
  • So. looks like many votes of approval then..

    What I don't understand is why ebay would buy the business for such a huge sum and what they get out of it.. we are all using it for free.. so, why is it worth so much money? What's in it for ebay? It's not covered in advertising.......

  • Thanks everyone - I've now downloaded it and will be trying it out this evening!
  • At some point in the future they will probably charge for it and by that time everyone using it will have decided they can't live without it.

    Am I being a cynic again?
  • sue - invest in a webcam with a built in mic (about £30-40 should get a decent one). it makes such a diff if you can see the person at the other end!
  • Thanks!

    yes I have a web cam - it's in a cuboard somewhere!
  • Another positive from me.

    Always good to use the web cam when you are away, see how the kids are doing whilst I'm at work.....I use a headset so the rest of the office can't hear them !

    Really good piece of software. Think they generate their cash from the mobile call sales and the landlines to certain countries which don't have good internet connections.
  • Hmmmm - well this looks good. My wife and I both use mobiles most of the time when we're out and the landline is pretty redundant. Maybe we should stop that and just use Skype ?
  • cougs - you'll still need a landline for broadband access and if you have Sky!!!

    skype uses the broadband connection

    am currently looking at changing my office system to VoIP
  • Aaah...

    My broadband is cable NTL - but yeah - do have Sky.

    Ho hum. Let us know how you get on then FB ?
  • Hmmm - the new X series mobiles on 3 come with free unlimited international calls through skype.

    I'll have to tell my friends to emigrate so I can chat to them though.
  • I have skype and it works well for work...........

  • Get a mobile phone with wi-fi & use it on that. You can latch on to any wireless hotspot you can find & these are getting more & more common.

    Skype isn't the only VOIP client though - there are many more. If you want total freedom Asterisk is look good but requires a good bit of techie knowledge at this stage
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