Headington 5 & Other Oxon/Berks Races

Did anyone else do the Headington 5 last Sunday? If so, what did you think of it? I did it for the second time but finished 5mins slower (slower pace due to breaking a toe in June this year and this was my first race afterwards - just treated it as a normal run).

Also, is anyone going to be at the Highclere 10K (Highclere Castle near Newbury, Berks) on 8th Sept or the Longworth 10K (near Faringdon, Oxon) on 22nd Sept? This will be the first time I am doing these 2 races and would be interested to hear what people thought of them (I've only been running for just over a year so am interested in more experienced runners' thoughts on races).


PS - I will be marshalling at the Abingdon Marathon in October - anyone competing?


  • I did... I thought it was great (most of my training involves hills like Everest in High Wycombe so the flat course was a joy)!

    The fact that it wasn't 80 degrees in the shade was good as well....

    This was my first 5 miler so a PB for me!!

    Unlikely to do the other races as they are a bit out of my radar range!!

    Good Luck
  • Hi CC,

    although I'm fairly local I can't make either of these. The first clashes with the GSR.

    How many are running Abingdon, any idea.

    Are you doing Windsor
  • Hi Blue Knees

    Shame you're not doing either of the 2 in Sept. Would love to hear all about the GSR though.

    I will enquire about how many are running Abingdon next Wed, as there is a committee meeting (and for my sins I am the Minutes Secretary - oh joy!).

    I won't be doing Windsor unfortunately. I am currently just running twice a week to ease myself back into running. I was due to run the New Forest Half Marathon on 22nd Sept but I knew that I wouldn't get enough training in before the race (due to my toe injury!). Let me know what Windsor is like as I'm tempted to have a go next year.

  • CC,

    many thanks for the Abingdon question in advance. I think its too soon for me as I'm only up to a half but I really want to do a marathon and the chances of getting into the FLM are slim.

    I was due to run Witney, which I believe is over your way, but missed it due to illness.

    Good luck with your return and don't overdo it.

  • Hi Creamcake,

    As I'm 'local', I did the Headington 5 - my first adult race ever, so a nice PB of 42.57. It was really good to run with others, and feel that competitive adrenaline rush. I must have sounded like a dying donkey when I crossed the finish line!

    I don't have more plans to do any of the races you mention, mainly because I lack transport, plus I'm in terminal thesis writing stress mode, hence lack of time.

    Have fun at Abingdon.
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