Midnight run on New Years Eve...

My friend and I thought we might like to see in the New Year in a running way...

Just wondered if there is anything going on.

Any get togethers, with a run before or at midnight?

Or anything along those lines that you know of?


  • There is a midnight run in Derbyshire, you can find the details on ww.runningwithdavid.com (sorry, can't do links).
    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • LMH has beaten me to it!
  • Not midnight but Nos Glan in aberdare.

    Starts at 5 so plenty of time to get drunk after :-)
  • or the NYD Hyde Park 10k - lunch afterwards in a nearby pub :oD
  • Great! Thanks for that guys. Will have a look at those :-)

    Tri - where can I find detials about that one?

  • Jolly Holly Jog near Ripon but its nye morning Im afraid.
  • Cov Godiva do a 5 mile run on New Years Day - starts at 11 so you can celebrate the new year in style and then get your first race under your belt before mid day -

    I have done it the last two years and hope to be there again this year. Its a good friendly race and you can get to Cov from Brum on new years day......
  • Spoilt for choice now.

    I didn't think there would be so much going on!
  • Arty
    look on events, wales and its there.
  • Cheers. Found it. Hmm, a tight cut off time for that one!
  • Its not a cut off time.
    If you can do sub 25 5K, they want you to enter "elite" race. if over you run the normal event. Last year, last person was in about 40 minutes.
  • Oh, I see. That's all right then!
  • Well for blokes its sub 20 for elite race. I do dead on 20.....they want me to enter the elite race......wibble......im going to come last ;-)
  • eek! That's a bit fast!

    You'll be grand.

    But what's happening for Midnight? Where is everyone going to be?

    Everyone might do the race and bugger off home/elsewhere for midnight.
  • I shall be very very very drunk in a secret location :-0
  • Hmm ok.

    Was kinda looking for something that cojoined (sp/word even?) the running with the midnight celebrations.
  • Shame but the Nos galen used to be run around midnight - changed many years ago because of health and safety reasons
  • ggrrrr. Bliddy health and safty! Sometimes...really! Grrrr

    That's a shame.
  • H&S midnight and the RCT valley!
    Yes everyone p*ssed!
  • Ronddha cynon taff.
    Aberdare and the surronding area
  • Artemis, if you have the money, treat yourself
  • awww, wow!

    I wanna do that!

    *runs off to give piggy bank a shake*
  • I love this idea, I might just go for a run on New Years Eve and see who I find on the way... if anyone is based in Solihull give me a shout

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