High mileage and sleep requirements



  • Vraptor - reason #1 why not to do a steeplechase!
  • Looks rather fun, JEJ :o)

    I have followed up the Secret Half Day with another Cunning Plan. As I headed out for my run this afternoon, I casually let slip that I get dreadful seasonal affective disorder which can only be kept under control by getting out in natural daylight for an hour or two each day.
  • VRap - for what it's worth, I find that I sleep less when I am training hard on 70ish mpw, it is when I slow down, after a marathon say, that I sleep the sleep of the dead! I am not young, but I am only a recent runner (last 3 years) and I don't think that I could have done what I do now in my 20s or 30s as I seemed to need much more sleep then. I run early mornings mostly after about 7 hours sleep (frequently less) and waken up without my alarm, raring to go, even in the dark and cold. I do however eat like several horses!

    One thing that I think makes a big difference to what sleep is required is what type of work you do - I am a desk jockey and the most exercise I get during work hours is a walk to get tea, if you have a vaguely physical day on top of training that may make a huge difference.

    Good luck.
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