Right, no slacking! training Tuesday 25th Feb

It is speedwork day


  • ok ive got to slack, because ive a slight niggle in my knee and im being cautious as its Silverstone on sunday.

    Have a good day all.
  • Morning all.

    Everyone must be having a lie in today!!!

    What: Hopefuly 8 miles steady, depends how I feel still a little stiff after the half at the weekend.
    Why: Schedule says so

    Last Rest: Saturday
    Last Hard: Sunday
    Last Long: Sunday

    Good luck with your training one and all.
  • Hello

    What: 3 miles easy
    Why: Recovery from hardish run yesterday and, more particularly, a skinful of beer last night.
    Last Hard: Saturday
    Last Rest: Sunday
  • Morning all.

    What: Speedwork at the track (arghhhh!). Local track lets me in free with my Level 1 Coaching Certificate.
    Why: Because I love it really - and programme says so.
    Last Hard: Sunday - 16 miles (with a 77 year old!)
    Last Rest: Yesterday - and lovely massage last night so legs feel good.

    Enjoy your running evryone!
  • Morning

    What:4/5 miles tempo
    Why:Recovered on the bike yesterday so time to get moving again
    Last Hard:Sun
    Last Rest:Sat
  • Morning, my posting today is identical to Longlegs above, including the stiff bits!
  • Hello!

    What: Six or seven miles steady with a bit of "hill" work (OK, I know nothing in Birmingham is a REAL hill, but some roads are definitely at a slant) after work tonight.
    Why: Schedules.
    Last rest day: Yesterday.
    Last hard day: Sunday.
  • Ayup

    What: 10M fartlek with club
    Why: Tuesday's punishment
    Last hard run: Sunday
    Last rest day: Today
  • Err... Marmite Master, a 10M fartlek today is a rest day? Crikey. Remind me never to train with you!
  • Mrnin' all,

    What: 6 ish miles steady - easy...
    Why: Following the sage advice of Hilly, Drew et al...not to overdo it this week in prep for a decent 1/2 at Imber on Sunday.

    Last hard: Sunday (bloody hard!)
    Last rest: yesterday (needed it!)

    have a good day y'all....
  • ermm, brain not engaged, last rest day was Monday, sauna, lovely!
  • ooohhh... I haven't had a sauna since Helsinki last year.... memories.... *Wotsername blushes*
  • morning all

    what: ummm....due for session with the Wirral runners, but....am I up to it?
    why: not sure I've fully recovered

    Will explain to coach what the situation is this evening & follow his recommendation methinks.
  • Morning All,

    back in work after being unwell tomorrow. Had not a great weekend running wise but all self inflicted. Got bladdered Friday night, no sleep until 2. Got up at 7 to walk the dogs. Went to do the X-cross country at Parliament Hill, went out to fast, and ended up knacked a quarter of the way round and lost a shoe in mud on the second lap! Lumber in the finish with nothing left.

    Sunday did x-country again, thought I'd recovered fully from Friday/Saturday and there was just no oomph. Did okay for the first half, attempted to step up a gear and then faded in the second half.

    Oh well back to the drawing board!

    What : Club speed work
    Why : Its Tuesday
    Last Hard : Saturday and Sunday
    Last Rest : Yesterday

    Have a good one folks.
  • Morning all

    What : 4-5 mile steady
    Why : club nite and slowly building back up

    Last Rest : Saturday
    Last hard(ish) : Sundays long run

    Have a good 'n

    Will :o')
  • morning all!
    Glad you're feeling a bit more recovered RB. Come Sunday you'll be feeling great!

    What:not sure
    Why:ran yesterday doing a tough session (8 miles + 10 times 100m steep hill)because of family commmittment. It should have been a rest from running, although I was going to swim and do circuits. So I'm not sure whether to take the day off and have total rest or go for a swim tonight.

    In the deep grey matter that is my brain it's saying have a total rest day, but the obsessive nature is saying do something. What to do?

    Last hard:yesterday
    Last rest:Friday, but I did swim, so last day of no exercise was about 10 days ago.
  • Parky glas you're feeling better, but are you planning on being unwell again tomorrow!
  • shouls say glad not glas!
  • I hope not, but then I think I'll be steering clear of buffet lunches for a bit!!

    My vote is for a day of total rest you Hilly as yesterday sounds a pretty tough session!
  • Hi guys; think you can help me?

    My training was steadily building up and reached the 40M/w a few weeks ago (I'm aiming for a sub-3:45 marathon), but then I got a host of injuries: a strained hanstring, recurring tendinitis in a lateral tendon of my ankle and recurring shinsplints in both legs. I had to halve my mileage along with all the icing and stuff to try and get better, and so have been running speedwork, threshold and long runs/races only for the last two weeks. This seams to have done wonders for my shorter race times, as I knocked 5mins off my 10k time and 16mins off my 15M time. But what do I do about returning to my planned 40+M/w? I don't want to overdo things, as the shinsplints are still bothering me, but am worried that I'll be undertrained for my first marathon. Having read this and other threads, I'm also worried that my long runs aren't long enough, as I'm yet to run my planned 20milers. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, cheers.

    What: planned 14x200m + 60s rec.

    Why: the schedule says so...and I'm starting to quite like this speedwork lark!!

    Last hard: Sunday (race paced 15M + 3M resistance running at snail's pace!)

    last rest: yesterday - I whimped out of my cross-training (slapped wrists!)

    Cheers guys,


  • Wotcha.

    What: Club night.
    Why: Guess.
    Hard: Saturday long one.
    Rest: Sunday.

    Ran to cricket nets last night, netted, ran back. I'm counting this as three sessions in one day, and I am therefore Hardcore.

    Have fun & stay un-injured.
  • Yes Parky I think I tend to agree with you now and have decided to abandon all thoughts of any exercise today.

    Happy training all!
  • Afternoon all.

    What: 6 miles easy
    Why: recovery from yesterday's intervals.
    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: Friday

    Feeling a bit nervous as I come to the end of February as this was the time when I got achilles tendonitis last year. Better training schedule seems to be working as I feel O.K. and less tired than last year.
  • respect Swerve! - especially if you carried your cricket bag with you ;-)

    Now in real doubt over whether to do anything tonight.
  • Afternoon
    what-speedy stuff at club
    why-its tuesday
    last hard-sat
    last rest-sun
    hope the foot stands upto tonights abuse!!still a little sore
  • Morning - is it still morning?

    Sorry Hilly, but I think you should get that max hr test done today instead of sitting around twiddling your thumbs. :o)

    Parky, love to hear other people's experiences like yours!

    What: Slacking. Are we still allowed to rest on the Training thread?
    Why: trying to break self-inflicted cycle of sensible training/feel-great-and-overtrain-in-fit-of-enthusiasm/crash and sulk whilst doing rubbish sessions for a few days.
    Last hard: Sunday - wussed out of club session last night after totting up mileage since Friday and realising it came to 35 miles. So still haven't discovered the joys of twice a day training - one day maybe.
    Last rest: over a week ago.

    Freakette - cycling might be a way to help endurance whilst being gentle on your lower legs. Best of luck.
  • Hi all,

    I feel fine today but have a 5k test tomorrow so not sure what I will do tonight. Not sure if to rest or not. Yesterday I cut my 1 hour ergo down to 30 mins as although my pace was fine I couldn't get my heart rate above 148. Not sure if it'll be a problem but it was unusual for the pace i was doing. I wasn't struggling though.


    What : Possibly anything between nothing, or 30 mins 60 mins on the rowing machine light
    Why : Just to get the miles in and work on technique, taking it easy as got a balls out session tomorrow evening
    Last Hard : Sunday
    Last Rest : Friday

    decisions decisions, will probably do something as I hate rest days outside the 1 a week I have
  • Afternoon all

    What: not sure, had planned 3x1600m on the treadmill but still tired from Sun so will prob do either an easy 3mi or cross train at the gym. Yesterday went swimming and was surprised to find I was completely unable to do Breaststroke legs - had to stick to front crawl only and mostly just arms at that!
    Last hard: Sun
    Last rest: Sat
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