Terminally Torpid Thread Temporarily Transposed

Morning all.

Where's the dreaded Mr. Bear to get the thread started today?


  • Morning!

    Still in bed if he's any sense! ;o)
  • Lucky Bear!!!
  • Having been up since 5, I'd like to be back in bed myself zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Morning

    I'm White Van Man today, and will be in Bears neck of the woods (so to speak).
    So I'll go de-hibernate him if he doesn't appear!!!

  • Yo peeps I fink de bear waz felin wuf yesterday so maybe he pawley :o(
  • That's no excuse!!! ;o)
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Mebbe Bear has already gone out for his long cycle that he missed yesterday.

    Nah! Prob still in his scratcher.
  • Morning Kaz,, If hes gone out to the shops he won,t be long cuz he only buys the bearnessesities. :>) spelt wrong?
  • mroning peeps!

    would love to go out and do that bike ride but I fear it wouldn't do me any good as I'm feeling decidedly wobbly.

    Peed off with it - want to get some proper training in!
  • Bear, I think your old shoes are feeling a bit wobbly too. They still haven't dragged themselves upstairs and reclaimed their shelf in the cupboard ;o)

    Long run for me today, probably. Will be carbo-loading from the biscuit tin all morning :o)
  • the box is up there, btw - could you look after it please in case I want to try to take those shoes back! FIngers crossed I won't, but just in case
  • It has probably already been converted into a stable for brightly-coloured plastic horses, or an 00-gauge engine-shed :o) This is the Cavern, remember!
  • it's in the cupboard with a load of other shoeboxes that seem to have survived!
  • The other shoeboxes all have shoes in them. Shoeboxes which still contain shoes are not fair game for craft activities!

    Still, you might just be lucky ...
  • well if you could put them somewhere safe then please :o)
  • ...or stick the 2070s in there so it's a full box!
  • With fingers firmly crossed that I'm not speaking too soon (again!) - 13.25 miles since last Thursday. Not spectacular by most standards (my own included) but, heck, the girl's on her way back!! ;o)
  • yay - go Kazzah!!! :oD
  • Well tonight's 3.75 miles in 35 mins was positively tortoise-like but couldn't have done 35 mins recently so, onwards and upwards!!! ;o)

    Feeling any better now Bear?
  • sadly not - still lurgified.

    Not too bad as long as I sit quietly, but as soon as I start to do much more than stand I feel really giddy :o(

    Driving me nuts - I have all this training to do but I don't think it would be wise to do it
  • ((Bear))

    That doesn't sound good but if you're feeling crook it's best not to push yourself. Better to lose a few days' training now than to push it and make things worse
  • yeah, you're right - that's the main reason I'm holding back! Don't want to prolong things.

    SOunds like all's going well for you - I know it's frustrating when you used to do more but it's progress :o)
  • Not easy to be patient is it?!

    Probably shouldn't have run tonight and last night (and almost certainly not for 35 mins tonight) but the fizz said to push things and I need to know how it stands up.
  • yeah - always a tricky balance, know what you mean.
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