Favourite run

one of my favourite runs,is in edinburgh's holyrood park,such great scenery,overlooking the capital city..
one lap up and around the park is just over 3miles,but feels like more as it is quite hilly...but superb run otherwise...
anyone else want to tell us all their favourite runs?


  • I like to run in the woods around Beamish Museum- loads of trails, paths and single track along with highly technical bits and lots of steep hills – great stuff – I also like to get out on my MTB in the same area.

  • One of my favourites is on Port Meadow, Oxford - there is a nice trail that leads up and away from the watery bits, and gives a lovely view of the surrounding countryside. The only other people I ever meet there are runners or walkers. Very peaceful. Plus, for some reason, perhaps because it's quite a narrow, grassy trail in some parts, I always end up going really fast, which is lots of fun. About 4 miles in total.
  • One of my faviourite areas to train is on the White Cliffs of Dover. I have to save it for a long run day of at least 18M but that's what makes it special. You can run along & be completly on your own then look down & see all the car's & lorries like little toy's. It's very hilly & some of the paths go 2ft from the edge. I'm more carfull now though because one path that I used to run on fell into the sea last winter!!!!
  • We have a disused canal just 5 mins from our house and much of it is a nature reserve now. I love running along there because it is peaceful, there is lovely scenery and it's flat! It goes on for miles so the run is almost as long as I want to make it.

    My favourite run of all though is near my parents' house in Sevenoaks: Knole Park. The very top entrance takes you to a point overlooking the whole park and in the autumn the trees are a beautiful colour with deer dotted about them. It is big enough to always have a space to yourself.
  • my favourite starts with a 2-3 mile long slow uphill climb which leads to undulating forest trails overlooking Inverness, the distance can vary from 10-20ml, views and wildlife a-plenty.
    although last weekend i did a 20 miler around the assynt area of the highlands,views across the whole of the Summer Isles, was only passed by 5 cars in 2hr45min, i think everyone should experience running in the mountains (but only in good weather).
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Which forest trails, SuperTed? I often run in Culloden Woods, or go in at Daviot and out to Tomfat Woods. I've been up to Craig Dunain mast a couple of times, but the path is a bit rough.
  • i often go up castle heather, over milton of leys, throught daviot woods until you come out looking over daviot from the top of the quarry then cut across the fire breaks and follow the tracks to come out at the top of tomfat (up the hill from the royal academy). you can easily get a good pace going without noticing.
  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    Super Ted,

    Are you joining us for the Loch Ness Marathon ??
  • certainly am, it'll be my first, hopefully get under 4hr if i run it properly.
    im looking forward to it, apparently its nearing the 1000 runner mark.
  • Hildegard -

    I totally agree about Port Meadow - I think it's that route that turned me on to the sheer pleasure of running. As you say, it's one of those places that seems to make you lighter on your feet. Plus it really blows those library cobwebs out of your head, or used to! s.
  • Achilles,

    I was just there again this afternoon, although for picking blackberries, not running!
  • Its difficult for you to picture my favorite run but north of Frankfurt up in the hills (actually known as the Taunus Mountains). Out of my front door half a mile to the forest then forest trail uphill for about a mile (10 minutes into the run so far) running all the time through tall pines with occasional glimpses of mountain tops. Now long, long down hill for about 30-35 minutes before looping though a small village right at the bottom of the valley. Then follows the mother of all climbs - about 45 minutes climbing about 800 feet again on forest trails. 1:30 into the run and reach the highest point on the course, then turn for home and 45 minutes down down down to the finish in about 2:15.

    Total time on trails: About 2 hours
    Total time on road: About 15 minutes
    Number of flies eaten: Usually half a dozen.
  • Given that the majority of my runs have a stretch along Hoylake promenade, which on clear days potentially offers views to Winter Hill in one direction, the southern Lake District peaks in another, and the Great Orme and the Snowdonia peaks in another, mine must rank quite high on the photogenic scale.
    Trouble is I don't wear my specs when I run and I'm usually too far in extremis to be capable of admiring the view!

    More scenic for the entirety of its route is probably my "elastic mile" course, a 6 mile route which takes in the heathland of Thurstaston Common, and rises to the top of Thurstaston Hill with its panoramic views across to Wales/Beeston Hill (Cheshire)/Liverpool & beyond depending on direction. Then downhill all the way past Thurstaston Country Park onto the beach for a mile and a bit before returning to the start at Caldy CC via some quiet and rather exclusive rural residential roads through Caldy.
  • My local favourite is up Whitbarrow Scar, a great slab of limestone in South Lakeland which is just 10 mins drive away. You run up into the forest, up a very steep hill which gets you to the top in about 17 mins, then you can run along the flattish ridge of the scar and pick a number of ways down and back skirting around the base of the hill on forest tracks through the woods; the quickest is 1 hr but can be extended for another 30-60 mins.
    It has a really wild feeling, there's hardly ever anybody there and the atmosphere varies incredibly depending on season, weather, time of day etc. I love running there on my own first thing or at dusk.
    From the top you can see the whole Morecambe Bay estuary, and 180 degrees of South Lakes fells; looking east you can see Ingleborough and the Howgills. Fantastic, may go there tomorrow am having written this.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Unfortunately all of my favourite runs are back home on the outskirts of Glasgow. the Old Kilpatrick Hills, around Loch Humphrey is one of many great runs to the north of Glasgow.

    I don't have any favourite runs down here in Rotherham, although Rother Valley country park is acceptable.

    Laura, the next time I'm staying in Lancaster you'll have to take me along your route as it sounds brilliant.

    Anything else involves taking the car, which I am loathe to do.
  • My favourite is a run along one of the coastal paths, The Fleet in Dorset. It's an out and back route that can be made any distance I want. The futher one goes the less likely to see another human as it is one of the least populated coastal routes. It consists of dirt paths, fields and trails and is so peaceful and beautiful.

    All along the Fleet is home to that graceful creature the swan and I've been fortunate enough to see some lovely sites involving them.

    It's definitely one of lifes unspoilt areas.
  • I also run along the Kennet and Avon Canal. Nice and flat of course, but also very busy with boats along my bit so lots of things to look at. I can come back along the River Avon too, so plenty of variety. There are even ducklings and moorhen-lets this late in the year!
  • Funny you mention swans Hilly, a friend of mine recently had to turn back on the canal tow path as his path was blocked by a large hissing swan and her cygnets. Not daring to squeeze past he had to run several unplanned miles getting home!
  • Fortunately Laura I've not encountered any hissing swans, I understand they can be quite nasty when protecting their babies.

    Now cows that's another story!
  • MikeS

    How can you run without glasses? I always wear mine and use one of these racquet sports straps to hold them in place - works fine.

    I also wear a cap which keeps rain & sweat off them. Only problems can be steaming up, but an occasional clean with a demister remedies that.
  • Notably, although not my favourite, was running around Central Park in New York.

    Around the resevoir and back - with my mate Warren - who kept on about some famous film where Dustin Hoffman (or was it John Voight) gets shot.

    Other favourites are when I've gone out despite "not really feeling like it" - to return with that glow of satisfaction - any time any place will do.
  • Have many in and around the Cleveland Hills - There are some fantastic views to be had from Roseberry Topping - Favourite run takes me over 13 miles of moors and involves around 3500ft of climbing - Have done this twice a month(Often more) for around 17 years (from age 12) and still love the run - no many of the animals on route by name.... No better way to clear away a Saturday night.... Would reccomend to anyone...
  • Any good tips regarding running in Edinburgh in the evening (in the dark hours). I recently moved to Edinburgh and currently live in the West End and only get to run after work.
  • One of my favourite runs is also Holyrood Park in Edinburgh - fabulous views, although it is getting too dark at night now to run there. My other favourite run is back home in Dundee is Crombie Country park.It has a great path around the reservoir, is approx 5k and mostly flat so it makes a nice change from the hills at Holyrood!
  • Laura Hi, I am so jealous of you, what a fantastic place the Lakes is, my favourite place in the whole country, especially Hawkshead, spent many a happy hour in the Sun Inn. I have allways wanted to live there.
    I have never run there but have walked plenty, though I will remedy that in March at Coniston.
    You will not believe this but I have got on my Drunken Duck tee shirt as we speak (or type)...........
  • I love running on the trails around Bradgate Park and Swithland woods in Charnwood forest. Bradgate is a fairly hilly ancient deer park, about 4.5m around and covered in bracken. It's unbelievably picturesque for a county which is mainly farmland and I can run anything from a 4 mile tempo (on a tarmac path) to 13 miles - Fantastic.
  • My two favourite places to run are quite different from one another. One is the Peak District National Park - not as challenging as the Brecon Beacons can be, but still tough, yet beautiful. Lots of nice trails etc, and of course if you want to you can run along the Pennine Way.

    My other favourite is running through Manchester city centre. I don't know why this is, but I find running past all my favourite shops, pubs and clubs to be very enjoyable. Not to mention the feeling of smug superiority you get when you, the at-peace Zen runner, streak past moronic Yuppies helpless at the traffic lights.
  • The Drunken Duck eh Gaz! Sadly it's turned into posh eating place these days, fancy menu with prices to match, like lots of good pubs I guess.
  • My favourite running route is around the forest trails in Ostlers plantation near Woodhall Spa.
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