longer or more often?

Once you have established a base fitness level, what is the best way to maintain it - are shorter, more frequent runs better, or fewer longer runs?
Time for running is a bit of a juggle for me so I'm trying to decide between doing 3x20min hard + 1 35min easy + 1 long (60-80min) OR 2x40 min + 1 long.
My thoughts are that it's probably better to keep the momentum going even if I only get out the door for 20min.
What do others think?


  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    It probably depends on what you're aiming for. If you're aiming to race shorter distances, then more frequent, faster and shorter runs will probably benefit. If you're aiming at mid to long distance, you'll need to run longer to get used to the time on your feet (although not as fast).

    Probably the best thing would be a balance somewhere between the two extremes. Maybe do one 20 minute hard session then exchange the other two for a 40 minute run, then keep the 35 minute and long runs.
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