Monday 27th November 2006

...not for much longer though.

What: 4 / 6 recovery (by the gun not the chip):-)
Why: recovery

Last hard: ok, yesterday.


  • Very good BR!
    It's Not Bobby D this time, is it? It sounds too cheesy.

    Last hard? Sunday. I shall leave the definitions to others with broad mindsets.

    I hope that this week will see a return to decent weekly mileage, rather than muscular strains and physio appointments.
  • Odd, considering I'm heading to bed:

    What: Yoga, to ensure I can walk for the rest of the week
    Why: recovery

    Last hard: Yesterday (ow!)
  • Morning all,

    no time to read back now, but I expect to read about great things!

    What: 75 minute run; core work
    Why: getting back on schedule

    I didn't run yesterday at all: we had a lovely lazy morning with milky coffee and the papers, and then whirred into action in the afternoon to prepare dinner. It was all splendid, and I managed somehow not to eat or drink too much so I don't feel horrible now.

    Good runnings all.
  • Morning All

    What: Nothing after yesterdy's winning run in the Barnsley AC Mini XC Champs. All to play for with Legionella in the last one.

    BR - No didn't get stuck in the mud, just came home and went straight out to my daughter's in York to take her out for a meal and didn't get back till late. Needed to get to bed early, as start new job this morning.

    Anyway, didn't want to crow too much. I don't think! It does beg the question on mileage, if I can beat these 2 youngsters on my limited mileage, what would be possible on a higher level? At the moment anything above 10K and I'm sure they'd trounce me.
  • Morning all,
    Good running Clink.

    The debate about the gun or chip time. Bit of a problem for us older people as they go by gun time to award placing.

    It's not that great lining up near the front, 1. 'cause you tend to start too fast to get out of everyone's way and 2. everyone looks at you as if "what are you doing up here!"
    Those that don't worry about what anyone thinks have a major advantage as they can get quite a head start and the others only have the consolation of thinking that they finished in No ? place by chip but it counts for nothing.

    The only way to get around it is by seeding runners but still you have to run too fast to get out of the other people's way.

    When I ran Boston in 1991, I was seeded 10th Master so was right up the front - had to run my legs off to keep out of the way of the faster younger runners lined up behind me. Not that great in a marathon and that was before chip timing. It is good to be able to see who you are supposed to be racing but that is usually not possible in most races.

    What - 5 miles bush-tracks - coming back on the road. Not much go - think Stickless ran me pretty hard yesterday:-)
  • morning,

    thought br was starting with abba for a minute there

    lizzy - i think you knew why you felt it was hard going yesterday but still you pulled off a decent time and 10th lady. your hr went like i expected mine to do.
    you don't seem to go for straightforward races do you!

    FL - remember brian whittle?

    welcome to flr (or is it fir? can't quite tell) presume you are marathon training?

    any sugestions on how to sleep for more than 2 minutes at a time the night zfter a race? deadbeat but wide awake always

    what - 30 - 40 mins recovery
    why - recovering
    last hard - yesterday
  • Morning

    What: 6 miles AM, 5 PM
    Why: No idea
    Last Hard: Friday
    Last Rest: Saturday

    It rained all day yesterday, felt nice to run in the rain for once! Off to read back
  • X - maybe you're right, i tried vodka but it only worked for about an hour. or maybe i got the wrong dose
  • HMHS - you seem to have excellent leg speed from your years of training for m-d down at the track. My take is that if you were to run 60mpw of steady running now it would make you very competitive in your age category. Well done on the job btw. Is it working for someone else?

    Lyrics not Bob D but a group with an excellent attitude to work and the rat race.

  • Morning.

    Lol Xerxes.


    I refuse to enter the chip/line debate - it all depends on whether you think racing others is any advantage or not.

    It seems to me you just stated your opinion and just entered the debate:-)

    Blisters - my time was 38:54.

    Wardi - 2 nice bottles of Merlot. Went down a treat.

    What: 6 / 4
    Why: Mr P+D said so
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭

    More fantastic results yesterday from Lizzy - you don't like an 'easy' race do you?!, Clink and errrr, can't remember now.

    What: a swim and a run
    Why: schedule
    Last hard: saturday
    Last rest: monday

    Doing a bit of schedule juggling again this week as on nights tonight and tomorrow.

    NZC - happy belated birthday.
  • What: easy 8 in the rain
    Why: Peter cancelled and Lorraine has a marathon so thought I would join her for a run.
    Last hard: Saturday
    Last rest: Friday
    Lyrics: NOPE
  • Morning all. You did indeed NZC, enjoy a lazy one.

    Lizzy, enjoyed your account of the run as well. After running in the muddy stuff I too find it hard to get excited about asphalt. That gets worse and worse as I get slower and slower. My feet get bored with flat. I think they have a short attention span.

    Resting, aka working today. Well, I have to sometime I suppose. And I got a cold brewing, might still be able to scare it away. Otherwaise seem to have gotten away with yesterday pretty well.

    I enjoy thinking of what a chip would have been like had it kept me company yesterday. That's as far as I'll go in that debate.

  • Morning!

    Reports from yesterday:
    - Excellent report as ever from Stickless (with TmR and others onboard)
    - superb result for Drew
    - excellent long ride from AJH :-)
    - Gobi - taking it steady?!
    - Good 3rd place, LizzyB
    - flr - the weather was sooooo much better in North Teddington (well it was in our bedroom anyway!)
    - Fell Liker - sorry about the shoe - although I'm sure Legionella would claim he was gaining on you anyway <H runs away and hides>
    - clink - good race - I think my HR is up around that %age for a 5km... and maybe just a smidgen lower for a 10km (close to a 5 mile)
    - RFJ - well done to you and espec to Monkey number 2
    - BR - 1 minute inside the goal! And good to hear you feel like a runner again
    - well done Wardi on your sub-40
    - good moaning in the XC, Xerxes
    - hilly - bad luck on the pre-race back pain - next Spring and the pbs will be back again.
    - Micksta - well XC'ed
    - MikeB - thanks for the BR update - sounds like he's going very well.
    - well done treadmill - guess you'll need to add some midnight runs to your schedule to catch up those 40 seconds
    - AF - have you forgotten it yet?

    Chip time all the way for races with big numbers of people. Starting near the front of the field seems to me to be a challenge of ones bladder (I'm always in the loo queue) or of ones cheekiness in pushing through the queue...

    What: Just a club run tonight...

    Why: Swim aborted this morning - bike chain on my old MTB broke on the way to the pool! Now the question is do I service the bike (it needs new everything) or do I retire it (its done over 30,000 miles in 10 years) and buy a shiny new bike?

    Lyrics: Nope
  • Morning,

    What: 50mins circuits, 60mins run pm
    Why: ?
    Last Hard: Saturday
    Last Rest: 20 days
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Morning all,

    BR, great result yesterday. I though you were onto a good time when you passed Treadmill.

    Hilly, my greatest recollection of you this year is when you flew past me at Worsborough. You can't expect to be flying all the time. If you can do sub 39 mins on your off days then just think of what you are ultimately capable of!

    Tom/Stickless, family & friends. Sounds like a great event which everyone enjoyed...and that's what it's all about.

    Too many other great results at the weekend to mention them all, but you know who you are.

    Blisters, until June this year all my training had been geared towards marathons. Since then it has been more focused with less mileage, easier recoveries, faster sessions. The last 6 weeks have included some really hard interval sessions with long recoveries, where I pushed myself to the limit. Seems to have done the trick.

    Today's session:

    What: 40 mins recovery or rest
    Why: taking it easy
  • I don't understand the discussion tbh...
    Chip timing is great for information purposes throughout the field, but position across the line is the race result.
    Why? Because it's a race, not a time trial.

    Congratulations and commiserations where needed yesterday. See Hollywoods post for full listing ;-)
    I thought the lycra-clad ones jumped on any opportunity to buy new gear, H?

    Glad to see BR feeling a runner again as I feel the exact oppposite.

    Felt sluggish during warm up at yesterday's XC, but when race started I felt suddenly fine and felt strong up the first hill, ran fine for another mile or so and suddenly legs seized up. Couldn't move lower legs at all, so walked/limped along the course, pretty much entire field passing me. Damn dat race start-adrenaline! Got some feeling back and decided to jog around the course back to HQ. In the end thought the course was very nice and got my feet wet in the water splash anyway, so ran the second lap after all. Enjoyed trying to run hard through the very muddy section the second time round (that's not a ploughed field in my book, Micksta!) and managed to keep at least some effort going towards the end of the last lap.

    But I'm gutted with such a display... The trouble with club running is that you have to face club mates afterwards too, but I'm sure it's meant to be character-building. (Not that they were hard on me, but I found it very hard just being in company).
    Could come up with some excuses, but that would be all they'd be.

    What: rest
    Why: in-laws still settling in (panicking how I'll fit running in tbh)
    Last hard: embarrassing myself on sunday
    Last rest: saturday (if standing around on Heathrow all day counts as resting) - ok, couldn't resist sneaking one excuse in...
  • Morning folks.

    The debate...first across the line wins the race. Fastest from start line to finish line wins the time trial (whether it's recognised or not). 2 different things altogether. Mentioned about my clubmate who last week crossed the start line 5mins 15secs after the folk at the head of the field...timed herself and ran the course in a time which would have got her 2nd place had she started at the head of the field. But she was out of the prizes for obvious reasons.

    Lizzy/AF - remind me never to head for the Downton HM!

    And more good XC reports (noted the mention of Brian Whittle...the very same thing crossed my mind! By the way, Brian Whittle is still active in the coaching scene up here - see him at loads of races. Think he coaches a group of youngsters at his club).

    For today...

    What: lunchtime - 6 easy miles, pm - (3 x 2 miles with 3mins recs) at the club
    Why: aerobic mileage/endurance

    The target pace for the 2 mile reps at the club is HM pace, but I think I'll take them a little bit easier...wanting to look after the legs on the lead-up to Cyprus.

    Have a good day.
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    morning all, I will read back at lunch time but only just got in after weekend away.
    Me and mr a + other club mates did hadleigh10 yesterday morning.

    We arrived in plenty time and parked in the field allocated for parking. Went to the headquarters/club house and the heavens opened, thunder and everything! It was horrendous, mr a just looked at me and said I don't think we should do this, you've just had a cold, I may be getting one. Anyway we decided to get the car out of the field that would soon be waterlogged, park elsewhere and if we made it on time so be it!

    Got back to the start, already soaked right through! As if we are not going to do this! Hooter goes and the heavens opened again, I mean really opened, hailstones and all! One of my club mates, Sacha, starts running along with me (she is quicker than me) I told her to push on when she needed as she would freeze at my pace! I didn't even notice the uphill in the first mile because it was such a struggle in awful conditions! All you could hear was groans from all of us, and all thinking 'we do this why exactly'?
    I decided that my 95 mins was not going to be achieved and just to get round would be a miracle today, that in my I covered the garmin with my sleeve and resolved to not look at it all the way! Somehow, mile 4 arrived and I really felt quite good, Sacha still by my side, mile 5 passed and now I am thinking, half done, this isn't too bad. The rain came down so heavy so many times, we waded through so many flooded roads, my shoes look such a picture (they looked new at the start)! Anyway by mile 6 we were forging ahead and overtaking people, I still hadn't looked at watch but I knew I was going well! I wanted to keep with Sacha as long as I could and thought the wheels will be off soon! Mile 8 was reached after quite a long uphill climb, Sacha now pushed on and I tried to keep her in sight, at mile 9, I had still overtaken some, I really pushed for home, thinking its only a mile! My left hip started to ache but I kept going strong, finished in a time of 1.29.46 (acc my watch)! Not my best ever 10 (1.25) but blimey, I am happy with that given the conditions!

    Hope everybody did ok and I will read back during the day!
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Morning
    Another busy week at work looms.

    what: 8 miles d&d, swim
    Why: my disappearing mojo has been revitalised after watching Abbey Dash.

    wabo - well done on racing in those conditions. I'm sure that you don't want to know that the weather in Yorkshire yesterday was glorious.
  • Well done Wabo!!

    What: nothing today, still have yesterdays headache, decided I actually did enough at the weekend to justify a day off.

    And I am supposed to be tapering.
  • Morning all,
    Pretty much a super sunday had in my books, what a day for the thread! well done BR on going sub 35mins, this should give loads more confidence.

    The curry bets sounds intresting, might be tempted to do that, double or bust, does that mean if I lose I buy two curries, well that would be four curres, aghhhh, no six curries on the night? lol :)

    am: 6-miles steady already done, legs still tired from yesterday, windy too,but ok run had, around 7:15mm pace.

    pm: 7.25mile steady pace a bit easier than this morning, not fighting the wind this afternoon as much.

    Aerobic mileage and getting stronger.

    No, im not doing FLM 2007. My plan is a fast HM in spring going for 75mins, then either another HM in autumn or Marathon depending on how things go, I do plan FLM in 08 though.

  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    A big well done to all the weekend racers - Hollywood has done a stellar job with the list of congratulations so I won't repeat it, but special mentions to LizzyB, Clink, BR and Hilly and a sterling effort by Wabo in the most adverse conditions. I have to say that with yesterday's weather, for the first time since I fell pregnant I was glad I had that excuse for not doing a long Sunday run!

    Last week I managed two 5K runs on the treadmill, 5K on the elliptical trainer (on the "hills" programme) and a 3-mile run outside, plus a couple of walks home from the station in the evening. So I don't feel too bad about that even though I didn't do anything over the weekend. Bump has been feeling a bit tight and uncomfortable over the weekend and after a couple of fairly late nights, I felt very tired yesterday and was quite thankful to eventually put my feet up and read a magazine while Mr. Minks did the ironing.

    What: Possibly something in the gym (treadmill or elliptical trainer) if time permits but have a fairly busy day ahead so it may not happen.
    Why: Hanging on to what remains of my pre-pregnancy fitness.
    Last hard: Getting up this morning - felt so tired I was almost tearful.
    Last rest: Yesterday.

    27 weeks pregnant: The baby now weighs nearly 2lb/875g and measures 14.5"/36.6cm from heel to toe. Its eyes open and close, it sleeps and wakes at regular intervals and it may suck a finger or thumb. Next week the final trimester starts - only another 12 weeks to go until due date!
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    wow minks!! 14.5" aww bless!
    Anyway I have read back and hope i get most of you here, sorry if I missed anyone but I must start work soon!!!

    Hi bunnyp!
    Well done drew, wardi, treadmill!
    Hilly well done, that pb will come
    Well done clink!!
    Well done the rfj’s!
    BR really pleased for you, you sound delighted!!
    Well raced lizzy!
    Well done fl, considering your shoe come off! what a nightmare
    Well done micksta, what a strategic race you had!!!
    AJH, 7 hours! You must have been shattered!
    AF, well done, it was a difficult one in those conditions.
    What a report stickless! Its what its all about eh?/ Well done to your team!
    Blisters, lol re slipper and dog!

    Our Hadleigh 10 race goody bag had chocolate, lucozade a diary and pencil)))
    Pretty useful, well organised, I kept falling asleep all evening and we will do this again! Am thinking to get a pb next year...
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Wabo, yes 14.5"! It's a bit scary as baby still has loads of growing to do and weight to gain before it's born, and I already feel as though I'm running out of space inside! Can't imagine being much bigger than I am now but know I will be. Have visions of lying down and getting stuck on my back like a tortoise!
  • crikey minks if it's 14.5 inches from heel to toe now you're never going to get shoes to fit it!

    well done wabo - i'm wiping the rain out of my eyes reading about it, sounded horrible. hope you enjoyed a hot bath after
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