5 rejections and club places

What happens if...

- you are refused 5 times in a row thus becoming eligible for an automatic place the following year

- but accept a club place or take a golden bond place in the 5th year...

If the powers of FLM see your name come up - albeit not via their ballot - does your participation rule out your 5 refusals meaning they won't give you the automatic place subsequently - even though you've still been refused 5 times through the ballot?


Frustrated midfield club runner who would like to experience FLM just once to complement other marathon experiences!!


  • a) unqualified opinion - presumably club provides your name/address for the club place. If it matches it could well rule you out for 5 refusals. There are obvious ways round this (depending on whether your club know your address or are 'flexible') but I'm not going to advocate them.

    b) if you just want to do London once what does it matter if taking a club place prevents you getting a refusal place?
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Club places and charity places are totally separate from the ballot. They are therefore not refusals.

    So for goodness sake get on with it and just enter {O:

    And good luck!
  • Your club doesn't have provide any info to FLM about who has the club place - the runner usually does.

    The club receives an entry form from FLM, and this is given to the lucky runner, to send off, with your entry fee (oh, yeah, you have to pay, even if you have bequeathed your ballot entry fee).

    Normally the runner would fill in the form, I should think.

    The club may choose to fill in the form for the funner, I suppose (I think you have to sign it, from memory), and of course, your club may also choose to pay the entry for you.

    Whether FLM compare the details I have no idea.
  • At our club all those that did not get into FLM put their rejection slip into a draw and those that are lucky enough to get pulled out get the place.

    As you have already been rejected this should not affect your automatic entry... <I think>
  • The entry form asks how many times you've been rejected in the ballot. A clubmate has a five-times rejection place this year despite taking a club place during that time.

    Definitely no problem.
  • thanks Swerve!

    Mark - We too do the club draw but I've failed to be picked out of that 4 times already too!

    I sometimes get the feeling that somebody somewhere is trying to send me a message!

    Higs - the only worry is that I've been out for a year following surgery and I'd hate to take a club place, get injured, not be able to run and then still lose the guaranteed place...

    That's the kinda luck I have with FLM :)

  • during my five year wait I ran once on a club
    place and it made no differnce - 5 rejections
    inthe ballot is all that counts :-))

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