One leg longer than other

I went in to see physiotherapist to have gait analysis as I was getting a pain on the inside of my left Knee. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I didn't even get to the gait analysis as my problems is that I have one leg approx 2cm longer than the other starting from the pelvis. Have been given exercises to do every day for 2 weeks and not to run in that time. After 2 weeks I am to run for 10 mins on treadmill and see if pain is still there. Has anyone else had this problem?


  • Yeah, I'm 1.5 cms wonky. Apparently the cause of my ITBS, which I now seem to have recovered from.
  • Yes, my third leg is smaller than the other two!!! But no problem running!:>)
  • Lucky you. Doesn't make you fall over then?
  • I have stumbled once or twice,but thats normally if im running behind female club members!
  • I was told I had one leg shorter than the other but it turned out my glutes were too tight and most people have a very slight difference but not in your case charlie - did you ever feel wonky when you were running?

    Hopefully yo will reover and return to relatively pain free running.
  • Dman, you are as bad as Coops. Congratulations!

    Steady, how's your ITBS?

    Actually, I'm not sure quite how accurate my physio's assessment was because last time I went my leg length discrepancies seemed to have resolved themselves. Miracle? Maybe.
  • The exercises that he's given me are all focused around the strengthning the inner knee and tightening the glutes. My left butt cheek is sore this morning.
    I can't say that I ever felt that wonky when I was running, but the pain and everything all makes sense now.
  • Hi Lyra,
    I thought it was coming back and I'm having pains in my lower legs so went to get it checked out. Irts not but I have slight medial tibial stress syndrome. Not bad enought o stop me running but been advised to move up to a motion control shoe.

    I'm bowlegged and knock kneed - also got some more strengthening exercises to do and have to do some with an ice cube after each run.
  • Lyra: Im not even trying!!
  • S.Edwina..I am also bowlegged,but this is purely down to having an overgrown third leg!!;>)
  • As one with odd legs and cream-crackered knees myself, have you had your shoes / arches checked? I now run with supports in my shoes and the last years knee problems have disappeared. Just a thought. As an aside, a chap at the Amsterdam Marathon did point out that leg length shouldn't matter as you only run on one leg at a time.
  • Dman you want to get that seen to by a professional.
  • Steady: It has been seen by many people,of which some were pros!! ;>)
  • *SE rolls eyes to ceiling* I'm sure it has.
  • Womble,
    i think it's fair comment that u only run on one leg at a time. Its making me wonder what my prob actually is now!
  • Your problem is that you gait will be uneven and that you will be coming down harder on one side. Are your muscles tighter on one side than the other?
  • interesting stuff Charley - had a similar problem - about 1.5cms difference, left leg shorter, but got a heel raise. I do get inner knee pain and have a left butt cheek - must work on this in spite of the heel raise
  • I've seen clients with leg length discrepancies, and treatment varies - some have no real mechanical probs, so corrective exercises can help address the muscle imbalances created by the leg difference.

    If the pelvis is out and this is causing the leg difference, physical manipulation to realign it can often present more probs as the muscles are then working differently.

    Custom-made orthotics may help in your case as the podiatrist can build up the insole on the shorter leg. Ask your physio about this when you go back.
  • Thanks,
    He did say that if I had my back re aligned so that my pelvis was straightened and therefore legs would be even, I could end up with more problems. Hence I am working on strengthening the knee of the longer leg (this is the one with the inner knee pain) and I have a thin piece of innersol under my inersoles of the short leg. If this all comes together and does the trick then he said he would look into making me something more permenant for the short leg. I have 2 weeks of these exercises before I am allowed to run for 10 mins to see what happens.
  • Ok good luck with that. What exercises are you doing?
  • Well, went to my physio yesterday and was told that my leg length discrepancies have now resolved. Apparently, this is because the muscles etc. have been evened up through the exercises I've been doing.

    Hope that gives you hope!
  • Its a bit difficult to explain but I have to lay on floor knees up feet flat, neutral spine. Raise bum off floor keeping straight line and then extend good leg out. So my unstable knee has to work to keep me there. Also one leg dips, and some inner thigh work on my side. next week the physio is gonna email me some progressions, plus my gym work. Cant see that its going to even up my hips and leg length but it will strengthen the week knee and hopefully stabalise the longer leg.
  • Make sure you engage your core muscles - should be good for the glutes as well.
  • Hopefully i will end up with a nice pert bum then. 1 week in and my weak knee does seem to be improving. Am chomping at the bit to try my 10 min treadmilll run, but must wait till Monday.
  • Yes all our bottoms will coming soon to a runners world mag near you. Did the fizz say what was wrong with your knee - is it malltracking or is it an ITB type thing?
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