Losing your virginity . . .

Well, I did it. On Sunday I did my first race--the Action Heart Six in Dudley. I've managed to avoid racing so far--too many bad memories of school PE--but I had to do this race, mainly because my family wouldn't have forgiven me otherwise (my uncle was an Action Heart volunteer before his death, and my aunt still works with them).

I was terrified, mind--but I survived the race! Nobody laughed at me, there were no sadistic PE teachers shouting at me, I wasn't the fattest bird there, and I didn't come last!!! All a bit of a relief, I can tell you.

The course was . . . interesting, mind. I remembered Dudley as being a bit hilly, (and it was spinning the last time I was there, probably because I was in the middle of a particularly good pub crawl). I think, however, that this particular bit of the Black Country must've been designed by Escher: I'm not quite sure how a course can go steeeeeply uphill for 5.5 miles out of six and still end up back where it started, but then again I'm only a small Mim and there's a lot I don't understand . . . .

Still, I did it: I finished in just under an hour (by my watch) and I didn't walk once, although that was only because (since I live in Snowdonia!)I refused to be defeated by a mere English hill. Or ten.

And, 10/10 to the chap who came in behind me, who collared me afterwards and said that I'd kept him going for tha last two miles, because he focussed on my hair (!) and followed it. That was sooo bizarre it totally made my day!


  • Nice one Mim, see now you've done one you'll soon be hooked.
  • Sounds like a good one Mim, well done.
  • If i managed under an hour, id die of happiness
  • Well done Mim! I'm just building up at the mo, and yesterday took the step of entering my first run in yonks (unless you count the fact I walked round the Race for Life in Coventry last year). Ok, it's a 3k fun run on the back of the Bath Half, but it's the first step. Who knows I might do the grown up run next year... I'll see how I go.

    By the way - I think I might do the RFL again this year (Coventry again) - anyone else going to be there?
  • Well done MIM, its a great feeling ofter doing your 1st race. What you going for next????

    Good luck Froggy Jo in your 1st.

  • Well done Mim!!

    BTW if someone slip-streamed me for 2 miles they'd be getting a smack in the mouth!

    (But thats just the Tamworth in me I suppose)
  • Congrats Mim (I was strangely drawn to this thread for some reason). I think Escher is responsible fo a lot of running routes!
  • Well done Mim

    and Hair is polite speek for BUM
  • You dont seem to have much bum on your head Will.
  • Not sure I agree there Chimp.
  • Hey, do we think Mim's got a red bum? Is that what Will's getting at?

  • If a member of the opposite sex followed me for two miles because they like my hair, I think Id be tempted to ask them if running also made them more passionate as well... but then thats an old debate!
  • Sorry.... well done mim. like all of us start with something and work your way up. 3k this year FLM next.
  • Well, thanks folks! I'm feeling moderately pleased with myself, I suppose, but will no doubt feel more pleased when I've got Silverstone out of the way. As for the FLM Ashley--I'm a this year's reject, boo hiss!

    As for my red bottom, Chimp: are you insinuating I might be an orang-utan? Hmmm. I can assure you I have no simian genes whatsoever, and any assertion that Uncle Darwin makes to the contrary is lies! Lies! Lies!!! Ook, pass the bananas. Ahem.

    Will, I did wonder about the bum thing (since I spent much of the race contemplating other people's--it must be said that Dudley put on a pretty good display of lycra clad buns) but I had a jacket tied around my hips so I think the poor chap probably was watching my hair.

    Mind you, it is a bit unkempt and wild: poor bugger was probably following me because it had reached out and got him by the throat. Medusa? Pah.

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