Henley-on-Thames Half

Any of you fine people running this one or have run it before


  • Hi Blue Knees

    I won't be up to it this year, but hope to run it next year as it is quite close to me. There is also a 5.2 mile fun run in Henley on the first May bank holiday each year, which is quite a nice run (the second half is along by the Thames - a pleasant change from the road!)

    If you do it, I'd be interested to hear what it's like. I'm hoping to do either the Hanney 5 or Over the Hills 12K on 13th October.

  • may be running it

    it's a nice flat 8 miles followed by a killer hill and then a too steep descent with a two mile never ending run-in

    there - no need for you to run it now
  • WWR, you make it sound so appealing!
  • I've wound myself up this morning about a stupid response I put on another thread. I feel the need to punish myself so I'll fill the form in now
  • venegance is mine, sayeth the lord (i think)
  • Wheres your picture WWR
  • what was the silly response?
  • Never you mind youngster
  • Please daddy... Please!!!
  • Creamcake.

    Where is the over the hills 12K then?
  • Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire. Not sure exactly where that is, Blue Knees, but it sounded an interesting race!

  • Just to the east of Bath then. I may look at the calender because thats not that far for me down the M4
  • Oops silly me, that clashes with Henley. On the other hand if this hill at Henley is that big......
  • Why not do the Kingston festival 16 the same day?

    It's very flat, very fast, and you're guaranteed a p.b. (unless you've done the distance a previous year).

    p.s. I'm doing the Marlow half on 3rd Nov. Did it last year; very steep hill to start, but picturesque if you're into that sort of thing.

  • creamcake

    east hanney 5 was swift (i.e all the runners were) when i ran it a couple of years ago.

    it is flat, though
  • I'll join you in Marlow, already had an eye for that one.

    As a guess I would imagine the Kingston 16 is a 16 mile run in Kingston Upon Thames, is that right. Could of course be 16 km in Jamaica
  • You're think of the film 'Cool Runnings' , but it's not about running at all, it's about the Jamaican bobsleigh team at the Winter Olympics. A good one to catch.

    No, the Kingston Festival takes place every Spring and Autumn, three weeks before the London and NY 'thons respectively. Done them four times now, and always worth turning out for.
  • Yeah remember the film. Was it John Candy as the coach, or something like that.

    So what distance is it. Can I assume 16 miles
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