I'm a lazy git

I know all runners before me have done it, and yes I thought that by keeping on my RW subscription it would portray the elite cat like physique building capability I want.

But lets face it since the 99 London Marathon I have'nt done a thing about getting back into running. I kid myself that I play football once a week (yeah! I'm a goalie) and I belong to a gym (Yeah you guessed - I don't even go there either). Hence this "new thread posting".

My story in brief - entered marathon lottery july 98', got in and thought Ah hah - I'll start training after Chrimbo'. Started RW's excellent training schedule but (and it still amazes me to this day) genuinely expected to follow the sub 4 training programme and get round in sub 4. The odd minor strain and flu bug later, the big day came and true to twittish form I got to 13m mark in sub 2 hours ("what a geezer""piece of cake " were my thoughts). 18 mile mark came and DOH! the most excruciating pain ran through my left foot, with what I can only describe as "I've just stepped on a soldering iron on full tilt" feeling - the last 8 miles took 2.5hrs

Being honest my foot was better some 6 months later although I have used it ever since as an excuse not to get back into running. This despite my fondest memories of feeling the fittest and most confident about my self ever in the run up to the marathon.

Why then has it taken me best part of 2.5 years to realise that I should get on with it instead of thinking about it.

Without fail tonight I am going to start an 8 week run/walk programme that will take me up to my initial target of 30 mins constant jog at "easy" pace.

I just wanted to send you a note so that I can keep you updated of my progress and failings.

Oh - I forgot to add - that I want to stop smoking cigars and have a more or less guaranteed slot (via charity) in next years London Marathon - I don't learn do I.

Has anyone got any words of wisdom, support or can they share a similar declaration.


  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Good on you for taking that first step (when you do it tonight). Keep us posted, and you will get lots of support on the forum.

    Welcome back to running. You were obviously pretty fit in '99, so the fitness should return quite well over the 8 weeks.

    See you in London (if I get in....)
  • Oddly enough - FLM 99 marked the peak of my achievements too... your comments rang bells... we must have crossed the line at about the same time! now having piled the pounds on (yeah I can do a marathon if I want) I have also sent the application for next year... (I'm almost frightened I'll get in!) I decided that I would set myself some targets for this year (starting back in Jan) - so am hoping to complete the bristol half at the end of september.. its only through signing up that I seem to approach proper training.. and even then I can find more exciting prospects!

    Good luck with your programme - its how I started getting ready for the FLM when I first started running - perhaps theres a 10k somewhere near you at christmas???
  • HI Kevin,
    Well I hope your run this evening was easy and slow .. you did go didn't you ? Why not try going cycling as well, build up the CV fitness, then again maybe not.. more than myslf has come cropper with these damn things lately. Anyway, keep us posted :-)
  • Well done Kevin, you soon to be not so lazy git.

    I'm sure that once you get back into the routine you'll quickly remember how good it feels to run regularly.

    We'll all be watching this space for your progress.

    Happy running
  • Kevin

    For what ever reason we sometimes lose motivation - well done for starting again. Why not post on the daily session thread in training - then we can keep an eye on you!
  • Hi Kevin,
    I got myself as fit as I'd ever managed for a trip to Peru in '98 where I was hiking the Inca Trail (lots of hills, high altitude) and didn't want to embarrass myself. Went to the gym, lots of running etc and the holiday was fantastic. After that, I called myself a 'runner' for about three years without ever actually putting my running shoes on again...
    Got back into it last December and now totally committed. It can be done!

  • Well done Kev, I know how you feel. I gave up smoking, after a twenty year - twenty-a-day habit, three years ago. I had always wanted to run so I ran in a local fun run. In the following twelve months I ran over 20 races, never fast but always finishing. However in the last twelve months I have only run in three races and not done much training. But I have sent in my application for the London marathon again and have started training again - not very fast long but consistently. Good running, Paul.
  • Well done for biting the bullet again, Kevin. If you're doing London in 2003, now's the time to begin!

    My experience in London this year wasn't unlike yours. From a cold start, I trained like a demon from late September till January (schedules, schmedules...), got injured, recovered, got injured again, and did almost nothing between February and April. Turned up at the starting gate anyway (a lot of sponsorship money was resting on it), skipped through the first half in around 2hrs 15min, and...well, by 14 miles I was taking walking breaks, by 18 miles I was walking, at 20-ish miles the "get-you-round" group galloped past me (I tried to keep up but failed) and my last two or three miles were 40-minute miles which I completed only by promising myself that if I finished this time I would NEVER have to do another marathon. Ended up with a time just a fraction under 6 hours.

    Keep us updated. Plenty of us have indulged in a spot of recidivism from time to time. Enjoy your running and you'll probably find that after a while you won't want to poison your body with cigars anyway.

  • How did the run go then Kevin? I was also putting off entering London BUT now I am suffering from intense guilt and will send in the application this weekend. If I am successful I will be looking for some support as I can only do a half in 2hrs 5mins or so. Perhaps we can encourage each other to keep going.
  • Bless you all for your support and anecdotes.

    YES I DID IT - I went for a 25 minute run/ walk sesh' on Friday night and a long brisk walk for 2 hours on Sunday. Felt a little stiff on Monday morning.

    Going for a swim tonight - to use "that" gym membership for the first time in 6 months (@ £45 a month - for nothing - whoa!)

    Thanks again - and I'll keep you all posted
  • Well done Kevin.

    Now you're back on the road, keep it going and chuck in the cigars...yuk!!! (that's coming from an ex-smoker of some 30+ years on the weed)

    Hopefully once you get back into it the idea of having a puff will seem horrible!

    Look forward to hearing of your progress.

    All the best,

  • Hi Kevin! Well done! I have been dabbling with running for about four years, and promised myself that after last week's holiday in the Lakes District (lots of walking up steep paths) I would have got myself moving and that I would start back with the running. And I did too! Hubby and I went for 3.8 miles on Saturday and, though I was shattered, I did it. I'm intending to go tonight too, though not so far, but I think I will take the watch today, which I chickened out of at the weekend. I'm aiming to 'run' for half an hour, stagger is more like it, but if I can do it, so can you! I've never run a race, only ever managing as far as 10K, but hope to build up the distance over time. Keep us posted, and if I hear that you're out there, I'll have to get out there too!
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