i uesed to do a time of 18:19 for a 5km race 1 month ago untill i had a knee injury and now it takes me 16:15 to do 2 miles can anyone help me and instruct me on what type of trainning i should do what type of milage to get my times back to were they were 1 month ago?


  • Could you not follow the same training pattern that you did 3 - 4 months ago?

    If not here is a general plan for 5 - 10km training for 5 to 7 days per week running:
    M: 45 - 60mins
    T: reps like 6 x 1km
    W: 30 - 45mins or rest
    T: 50 - 60mins including 30min temps
    F: 30 - 45mins or rest
    S: hills or 60 mins
    S: 90mins slow
  • *temps = tempo

    All other runs are easy or steady paced unless specified.
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