A new incentive for England cricketers

They got a parade when they won. If they lose the ashes and don't improve performances, they should be made to do a slow walk of shame down right down The Mall and into Buckhingham Palace to have their MBEs ripped off by Prince Phillip. Hoggard, Collingwood and perhaps Bell would be excused.


  • What a bloody great idea.
  • Could we take rotten fruit and veg to contribute to proceedings?

    (Let's face it if they threw it back at us Anderson, Giles and Harmison wouldn't hit us)
  • Yes indeed, flour, eggs, water bombs, stale milk and jeering would all be welcome.
  • Hang on peeps, they haven't lost yet.
  • No, and if they come back from this I will gladly eat my hat and write letters of apology to all of them. However, I have followed England through thick and thin since 1988 and I have never felt as bad as this, and there were some pretty thin times in there - to name but a few; Mark Illot, Peter Such, Peter Martin, Foster and Emburey recalled for ashes 1993, Gatting picked for Aus tour 94/95, Illingworth trying to remodel Devon Malcolm's action and England losing 1-0 in S Africa having drawn the first 4 games.

    It's not so much the losing to a team we could and should be matching, it's the manner of it, especially contrasted with the hope that has built up over the last few years.
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