I'm a celebrity : Get me out of here!



  • Hang about... Don't try and make this pap sound as good as Big Brother.... I'm watching you!
  • No you're alright Jon, nothing's as good as BB.
  • Careful folks, we'll set snoop off again.
  • He can sniff Jade from miles away (although saying that, most of us can aswell!)
  • You aren't minging are you?
  • OOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!! I've got me Kebabs out!

    sorry... Its been a while...
  • There are people who can help, you know.
  • I don't need help.... Need Jade, Adelly, TIM, Kate, Spencer, Jonny, Alex and the rest of the gang... Life just doesn't seem the same without em. I know you agree Mr. Barkles... I know
  • One for thw girlies
    What on earth is going on in Tara's head and why?
    Obvious that us chaps will never understand this.
  • she's a lunatic! I think she's still a bit funny from the rehab. She's a bit of a spoilt brat, but she's so used to things going her way all the time
  • She fancies Darren and in her head there was a relationship of sorts between them and he's told her he's not interested in the physical and she's plan old hurt and that's why the tantrums. I doubt it's anything to do with being labeled spoilt or whatever. She's making out it's their friendship that's over, but she feels there was more and that's what's over to her.
  • Thank you Dr. Caz... Enlightening!
  • If you ask me she's showing herself up as totally spoilt and childish. Darren isn't much better but he's at least tried to apologise but the old mare isn't having any of it. (I only reckon Darren is saying all this on screen for his girlfriends benefit, but I still reckon he wants to nail Tara)
  • COME ON TONY (or failing that the dazzling Nell)
  • Caz
    Agree that Darren's trying to ensure his girlfriend doesn't Bobbit him when he gets out.

    He's fooling no one.
    Tony Tony he's our man!

  • I see U sad gits are still debating this one - I actually tuned in to it last night for 20 mins or so to see what the fuss here was about, then turned off again.

    TPT stick insect - not much more to be said..

    Nell - wasted hiding her undoubted charms under all those jungle fatigues.

    Christine - two faced and knows it whilst in denial publicly.

    Tony who?

    Darren - was better playing Cliff in Summer Holiday.

    Rhona - never thought I'd say this about a lezza, but she deserves to win it more than any of the others.

    That's it from me - you wont catch me posting on this thread again (got a life to lead...)
  • Tara wants Darren badly and she wants the viewers to think, poor little rich girl! Crackers! that's what I think.
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