I'm a celebrity : Get me out of here!

Some of you might not like me posting this, but I'm bored this afternoon and want to provoke some constructive discussion! And this is the 'social' forum after all!

So who will be voted for, for the next bushtucker challenge? I reckon Uri is going to be next...


  • I refuse to watch it, they are desperate people out to salvage their pathetic careers, they have zero talent, and deserve to be left there forever, if that was the case then it may make interesting viewing seeing which one would be first to resort to canibalism. I was so disgusted that after 2 minutes I put on the Camomile Lawn video, at least then I was watching proper acting.
  • I refuse to watch it, they are desperate people out to salvage their pathetic careers, they have zero talent, and deserve to be left there forever, if that was the case then it may make interesting viewing seeing which one would be first to resort to canibalism. I was so disgusted that after 2 minutes I put on the Camomile Lawn video, at least then I was watching proper acting.
  • I wish Uri had been voted for 2nites burial - and left there! How do they put up with him? Nell's my favorite to win, she doesn't whine like most of them. Tara's actually not as bad as all that, but she really should have slapped Uri for his groping - get rid of that man!!!
  • Oh I don't know. At least they are washed-up celebrities rather than the celebrity wannabes that you get on Big Brother. I don't like Big Brother at all, but I'm finding this compulsive viewing!!!
  • Sorry about that it was being slow so I was pressing it loads of times.
  • Monique, you're missing the best comedy for months.
  • Uri is a right lecherous bugger isn't he? Nell is too passive for me. She reeled out all the nonsense about 'if I've got a problem with someone, I'll confront them, but it's obvious she wouldn't say boo to a goose! About time she got involved a bit more.

    Things are definitely getting a bit fruity between Darren and Tara though...
  • Haven't watched it DW but I did catch a review which tickled me.

    It started off with something like "A new reality TV show which takes 8 celebrities, 3 of whom are known only to God..."

    I laughed anyway
  • The eating bugs challenge HAS to go to Uri, he's just so creepy, urgh
  • BarklesBarkles ✭✭✭
    Having spent some time in Oz earlier this year, I am well aware of how many creatures would like you to become part of the food chain. This stinks of 'set up'. Lets see what they do when a taipan wanders into camp, or a few red-backs crawl onto Tara's pillow.
    Salt water croc challenge, now that would be worth watching.
  • Of course it's a set up Barkles - they'd never get insurance cover if it wasn't. Even so, there seems to have been a distinct lack of wildlife in the camp apart from a few leeches (of the blood-sucking variety).

    Fraggle was right, the bug eating has gone to Creepy Uri. He's a vegetarian so what's he gonna do? Put his beliefs to one side for the benefit of the others or stick to his guns.
  • It's too awful. Christine - famous for being married to a corrupt MP. Tara - famous for, er, going to parties. Nell - famous for what? Never heard of her. Then they follow with the sexiest postman and then Elimidate. What happened to ITV? They used to make Morse and The Sweeny and Rising Damp and some good drama. I hope Carlton and Granada follow ITV digital down the pan.

  • Blimey Tara was really getting close to Darren last night. Do you reckon they'll get it on?
  • Nell is famous for her Tomb Raider Wabs... I hate Christine Hamilton! Darren Day... Is he married now, or merely engaged for the 1500000000000th time?
  • He's got a girlfriend apparently - not for much longer I wouldn't have thought. Is Tara stupid or what? I mean has she forgotten there are cameras on her, telling Darren how he makes her feel? Still great viewing.
  • I absolutely hated Big Brother but I have strangely got hooked on this. Last night when Darren and Rhona were really going for each other I was hoping there were going to be fisticuffs, but alas no. They seemed to forget the cameras were there for that split second and by next morning Darren couldn't take his arm off her shoulder whilst waiting for ant and dec to turn up. Mind you Uri did get his comeuppance with the bushtucker challenge. Shall definitely be tuning in tonight to see the worm squirm!
  • Claire... Just goes to show how much you DON'T appreciate the finer things in life... And keep your voice down, Snoop might hear you!
  • Well, there definitely looks like there's gonna be some action between Tara and Darren...fantastic! I think Rhona was right when she said that the people who piss the viewers off get nominated for the trials. I said yesterday that I thought Uri would get picked last night and if the pattern continues, it'll be Darren tonight I reckon.

    Mind you, it's about time Nell got into the programme a bit though don't you think? She's hardly said two words yet! Perhaps a meeting with some crocs would bring her out of her shell a bit...
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I missed Rona getting buried. Did they dig her up again?

    I used to like her as a comedienne, but I've gone off her big style. Likes the sound of her own voice or what? And why does she think everyone NEEDS to know her view on EVERYthing? Gives us Scots lassies a bad name!
  • Yeah that Rona gets on mine too. But gives the chance of a scrap occurring :)
  • Rhona has been a bit annoying, but I think that was very mean what they did to her in that pit. For those who didn't see it, they tried to simulate what it would be like in an animal trap if she were really in the wild (ie. a bit of rustling in the leaves) - she finally cracked after 12 minutes when a hand popped out of the edge of the pit and touched her ribs!

    Interesting to see Christine getting a bit fresh with Nigel too!
  • Can't blame Christine for that. I'd have a pop at Nigel too.
  • I was thinking about them getting so friendly when going to get the chest!

    When this series started I fully expected Christine to be a complete nightmare for everyone, but to her credit, it hasn't worked out that way at all.
  • Yeah I noticed that, I thought go on girl!
  • Shouldn't Uri have known he was going to be picked?
  • LOL!!! Perhaps he got the wrong day, like when he was sending Jacko birthday greetings when it wasn't his birthday!!!
  • Jacko's mistimed Birthday greeting was certainly one of the comedy moments so far. I reckon Uri's gonna duck out tonight, especially as he's a veggie. At least I think bugs count as animals, though there can't be much meat on the sick insects (like Tara really). I really can't decide who I want to go first now, perhaps Nell after my earlier favorable report - she really doesn't add to the entertainment as much as the rest of them...
  • Darren Day and TPT are just so minging, I cannot watch it ever again after last night talk about tacky rubbish! PS not to be bitchy but I'll never, ever complain about my tiny boobs again!
  • I can't believe it but I actually missed Uri "bug eating". Did he do it? Was he sick? I need the show to have a .... "previously in ER" style bit at the beginning so us poor saddoes who missed it can catch it again!
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    He certainly did eat ALL the bugs. I was nearly sick especailly when he told the others that the big fat live maggot thing was full of pus when he cut into it. YUK!YUK!YUK!

    This is my first time of watching the show-only did so to see what everyone was on about. I found myself quite interested even though it's pretty SAD! anyway I think Rona is a bit too sensitive about her sexuality and I thought she was a bit petty.

    As for Uri, I laughed my head off when he asked Tony if he'd had an erection since being in the camp. Tony wasn't game for a laugh though and I think he was a little upset with being asked this.

    I can't say I'll lose sleep if I don't watch another episode but if it's on and I'm about, it's good for a laugh!
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