Below the knee shorts

Am wanting to get some long shorts/short tights - whatever you call them. The sort that come to just below the knee. Does any one have any, where did you get them?

Ta, Nicola


  • Sorry about being brief Nicola but I havent beaten DavidB to one of these threads since last September!

    Forgive me!
  • You are forgiven! Still no sign of DavidB..
  • No. Its a worry isnt it?.

    I suspect he might be sulking because I beat him to it. He takes these girlie threads very seriously you know.

    I'll point him in your direction if I bump into him.

    Aren't they called capri pants BTW? or maybe pedal pushers?

    (Memo to self...Chimp! know your limits!)
  • Chimp what on earth are you doing here, get off my patch!! I'm sorry Nicola (or may I call you Nicky, or Cola, or Joy...). You may like to look at www.girlsruntoo.CO.UK (if you follow Chimp's link you will have to suffer the embarrassment of being redirected). Mention my name and they'll probably throw in some wicking undies. Good luck (I find the Concurve Madrid Lady 3/4 Tight quite comfortable BTW).
  • PS I'm not really interested in threads entitled "Below the knee", I have a higher regard for ladies.
  • Cheers DB. Soz DB. Soz Nicola

    (Chimp kicks imaginary stone. Shuffles off to "events"- retired hurt)
  • Hi Nicola - hate to be serious, especially on a Gear thread, but I got some nice Nike long (just below the knee) shorts last year. But beware Nike sizes - they're designed for stick insects. Buy bigger than you normally would.
  • You mean they weren't fitted for Meerkats ?

    Do Nike not know their target market ? Namely meerkats, chimps, wee piglets, hippos, dinosaurs, various big cats, etc etc.

    C'mon Nike - sort your sizes out !
  • I know, cougie, it's a perfect shambles. They only make clothers for incredibly small animals (voles, mice, geckos and the like) with ne'ry a worry about the larger creatures. Nike schmike.
  • And Possums meerkat. Dont forget possums.
  • Is there a Nike rep listening ?

    Shorts for voles ? What were you smoking when you thought of that !!

    Pah !!
  • I trust rep is not short for reptile, cougie, or we'll have V-rap over here bearing her teeth.
  • Bearing her teeth, Meerkat? Do they not come automatically??

    <piglet explodes into hysterical laughter at having made a wee spelling jokey>

    ha ha haha hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

    <piglet trots off, still giggling>

    trot trot trot
    trot trot trot
    trot trot



    heheee heeheee hee!

    <hysterical piglet fades into the background>
  • I tell ya, that piglet ain't right !
  • My suggestion is don't
  • Newline do a range of knee tights which come just below the knee - give them a call on 0800 96 07 11 or look at their website
  • I too am the proud possessor of some excellent Nike long shorts/short longs...only problem is the positioning of the seams across the buttocks which have forced me to wear VPL inducing Big Pants after going commando as I usually do (when running, that is...) left a very dodgy looking scar. Anyway, I got them at Sweat Shop, if you're interested.
  • LestradeLestrade ✭✭✭
    My advice for women runners is don't get them.

    They spoil the view.
  • Got mine at Runners Need but I have to say they're chaffing a bit at the back of my knees. It's where the seams rub. Nasty! Pain too as I want to wear them for FLM.
  • Try Debenhams. I have two pairs of their own make (XPG) which are excellent and wicking. Check out the reduced department (in mine I think its called Outlook) - got mine for about £3 each. Not had any problem with chaffing or rubbing.
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