The RW's Half Mara Training Schedules

Can anyone advise please? I am just about to start following the RW 12 week sub 2:15 Half Marathon schedule and am just a bit confused with the speed session. In the column headed "PACE" it says 10k, or for most of the weeks 5k - does this mean that the speed work/intervals should be run at this pace and the rest at a slower speed or is this the speed that should be run for the whole session apart from the intervals where you would need to run faster than 5k? Help!


  • Hi Joanna,
    I am following the same schedule as you.
    I know it's not very clear for a beginner, luckily I had some good advice from Forumites.

    The Speed session should be :
    - 10/15 minutes warm up (slower than your normal speed)

    -week 1: 3x600m, 200m jog Pace 10k
    you'll run the 600m at your 10k speed
    you'll run the 200m at a slower speed to recover.
    so it shoud be 600m @10k pace,then 200m jog, then 600m , 200m ect....

    -10/15 minutes cool down (slower than your normal speed).

    When it says Pace :5k that means it should be faster than your 10k pace.

    I hope this answer to your question and make sense.

    Good Luck.

  • 1/2M Girl - That's great - it makes perfect sense now! Thank you so much for writing, I really appreciate it.

    By the way, which half mara' are you training for? My training starts next Monday - I'm doing the Plymouth Half Mara.

  • Hi Joanna and 1/2M girl, Where do you get this schedule from???
  • Awww Spud - if you click on Training at the top of the web page, then go to Racing and click on Half Marathons - that will bring up several schedules and the one that we're talking about is under Set 2.
  • Joanna,
    I am doing Taunton in April, the GWR in May, the GNR in September and Cheddar in November!
    Good Luck with Plymouth, when is it?

    Awww Spud,
    click here for the schedule
  • Oh my god - no wonder you call yourself 1/2M Girl! Plymouth is on 25th May. Hopefully, I'm also doing the GNR but as yet, haven't had confirmation - apparently we'll all hear in mid March.

    Good luck with your training!
  • :)
    Good Luck with Plymouth, plenty of time for training!
    Did you register online for the GNR?
  • Yes I did - on the Great Run website - before Christmas so I think I'm in with a chance!
  • when I registered for mine (I can't remember when),I think they sent me an e-mail confirmation, did you get one? what about the money, has it been taking out? If so, you are in !
  • Ahh....yes...I've just been on line and checked my bank account - they have taken the money so I guess that means I'm in! Excellent! By that time, you'll be following Sub 1:40 schedules after all the practise you will have had!
  • Thank you very much, girls
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